Friday, 27 December 2013

20 New Years Eve Dresses! 

Everyone who's anyone in the female world will know how hard it is to look for the perfect dress to wear on NYE. Look no further! I am here to help. I have picked out 20 dresses that I think are perfect for the New Year's Eve look. I will list 5/6 from each of my favorite stores. Expensive and Inexpensive for those who may or may not want to splash out. Enjoy! If you would like any inspiration in styling these dresses, check out my Polyvore Page!

New Look

River Island


Romwe (the shoes are shipped worldwide on the website and are£33.92) = Total: £84.92

So there we have it! 20 Dresses to sparkle up your night! The links lead to my Polyvore account, so if you don't mind following that would be ace, thank you! Obviously, you can wear whatever you like for NYE, this is just a little bit of inspiration along with outfit ideas.