Sunday, 22 December 2013

Would you rather @ Christmas Time!

Would you rather @ Christmas Time! 

  1. Would you rather - Money or Gifts? 
  2. Would you rather - Spend Christmas in the north pole or Hawaii? 
  3. Would you rather - Go Christmas shopping at the last minute or throughout the year? 
  4. Would you rather - Have a snowy Christmas or a warm Christmas? 
  5. Would you rather - Wrap presents or decorate a Christmas tree? 
  6. Would you rather - Receive something electronic (Video game, Laptop, Phone, TV ect) or Something non-electronic (Book, Clothes, PJ's ect)? 
  7. Would you rather - Listen to Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade or Listen to Last Christmas - Wham? 
  8. Would you rather - Watch The Santa Claus or Elf? 
  9. Would you rather - Have Christmas celebrated twice a year or have your birthday celebrated twice a year? 
  10. Would you rather - spend Christmas all alone (with no presents) or spend your birthday all alone (no presents) ? 
  11. Would you rather - be born on Feb 29th or Christmas Day? 
  12. Would you rather - Give everyone small gifts or give everyone big gifts? 
  13. Would you rather - Give up Christmas or Give up your Birthday? 
  14. Would you rather - Get loads of small gifts or get loads of big gifts? 
  15. Would you rather - Become friends with Frosty the Snowman or Santa Claus?
  16. Would you rather - Make a Gingerbread House or Make Cookies? 
  17. Would you rather - Get hit by a snowball or throw a snowball? 
  18. Would you rather - You was told Santa wasn't real or find out for yourself? 
  19. Would you rather - Hear endless Christmas music inside your house, or hear endless Christmas music outside of your house? 
  20. Would you rather - (as a kid) of received all the presents you asked for or receive surprises (but they turned out to be good presents)? 
  1. Since I'm 18 now, I'll have to say Money. It's always best to choose your own presents as you get older! 
  2. As much as I'd love to get the cold feeling at Christmas (If you live in the UK, you know what I'm talking about), I think the North Pole is a little too cold for me. So Hawaii for me :) 
  3. I would rather go Christmas shopping throughout the year, but that never happens nor will it ever. 
  4. A snowy Christmas! It's not Christmas til it's snows! (Well, for me anyway) 
  5. Wrap presents! 
  6. This is the 21st century, so I'm going to have to go with electronics. So yeah, if anyone fancies buying me a new laptop... feel free ;) 
  7. Last Christmas - Wham. Favourite Song Ever. 
  8. The Santa Claus. 
  9. Have Christmas celebrated twice a year. That's more holidays from College, more food, more presents, more family time, more sales. Hmm, defiantly that one. 
  10. I would rather spend Christmas all alone. Although, it's a time for family. I'd hate to be alone on my birthday! 
  11. I would rather be born on Feb 29th. I can't see my mum buying me 2 lots of presents for the same day really... & I'm sure we could pretend that I was born on the 28th :D 
  12. Give everyone big gifts... wouldn't that be lovely. If only... 
  13. I'd rather give up my birthday... who wants to be a year older anyway. 
  14. Loads of big gifts obviously! 
  15. Santa Claus. 
  16. Make a gingerbread house... I've never made one, so that'd be cool. 
  17. Erm, throw a snowball.
  18. Although it was utterly heartbreaking, I'd rather find out for myself.
  19. Christmas music inside... Since I'm always out, I think that's for the best.
  20. All the presents I've ever asked for, that would of been nice. But I'm still grateful for the presents I did receive of which I didn't ask for. 7

That's that then folks! 
I TAG you all to do this :)
Merry Christmas & 
A Happy New Year!