Monday, 10 November 2014

Mini Haul

Every time I nip into town, I always manage to buy a few things. Just me? Probably not. 
Anyway, I picked up a few bits and bobs on my recent trip down there and here's what I got :) 

Believe it or not but I actually got these shoes for only £5 from New Look! Don't worry, I'm just as amazed as you. I always love a good bargain, don't you? They are honestly so comfortable to walk around in due to the material the sole is made up of. It's like a cushion-sponge-like material. I'm not sure what I'm going to pair up with these shoes, but I'm sure I'll find something and if not, well it only gives me an excuse to buy something else doesn't it! 

If you're looking for a good pair of inexpensive gorgeous shoes then check out the New Look Sale page now! I'm sure you'll find something to tickle your fancy ;) 

Next up also from New Look I got myself another pair of jeans... also from the Sale section. I'm not sure if they are still in stock as I did get them on Sale but if not, I'm sure you can buy something just as pretty. They fit very nicely on my hips and as I always struggle to find jeans that fit me, I was super impressed to try these on in store and have them sit snug on my hips. I think I got them for £12 reduced from £24 so yet another good bargain right there. Thanks New Look! 

I also made a repurchase of my holy grail foundation; Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation.- They've recently upped the packaging and the formula to make it a more natural looking finish, and I gotta tell ya - I think I prefer it. The old version of the foundation was quite heavy on my skin, and truth be told paired with powder, made my face turn out quite cakey. This new formula though has changed things quite dramatically. It stays on throughout the day, and to top it off, it really does look more natural. They've added a comfort serum to the product which I have to be thankful for because honestly it's made it so much better. 

The last thing I picked up from town was a £3 Necklace from Primark. I needed one to match my new dress that I wore out for my birthday, and my boyfriend kindly chose this one for me. It's now my new favourite Necklace, so much so that I wear it nearly every day! 

Have you picked anything up recently?