Monday, 20 October 2014


I have just come back from the most amazing weekend of my life. 
2 days away with the love of my life, what more could a girl want? 
We went to The Ainscow Hotel in Manchester for 1 night to celebrate my 19th Birthday.

Taking into consideration that the hotel only opened around a month ago, I'd say that it's pretty damn good for a start up hotel. It was perfect. 

The room was spacious - a bit boring what with grey walls and no decor but it wasn't off putting, if anything it was just a simple looking room. Just my kind of thing. We was only there for 1 night but to be fair we both wished we could of stayed longer. 

The room had two floors - One of them being a little sitting area with a spare toilet and small kitchen area, with a nice looking desk and a wardrobe (not sure why the wardrobe was downstairs though?) and up those beautifully looking stairs was the best part of the stay - the bed! It was so comfy and squishy feeling (do you like my words haha?) Honestly, I had one of the best nights sleep in a long long time. It also had a creepy looking Bible draw (I say creepy- because the draw kept opening by itself and the only thing in it was a Bible)... and it had a delightful bathroom with a walk in shower and a average sized mirror. I'd of preferred a long mirror but hey ho, you can't please us all! 

White sheets - not a good look for a girl who wears foundation eh? At least I gave the cleaners some work to do. 

Day 1: After we finally got to the hotel - we initially wanted to go shopping but decided against it and promised ourselves that we'd go the following day (which we did).

Instead we got all dolled up (well I did anyway because Ryan forgot his shirt and ended up just wearing a t-shirt *sigh*) and went out for a really nice meal paid for by my insanely kind boyfriend. (He spent so much on me this weekend - I'm still overwhelmed by it all)

We decided to go to Frankie and Benny's where we had the scummiest Chocolate Brownie Fudge Cake , as well as also having two separate's meals; mine being the Chicken Romana  and Ryan's being the BBQ Chicken & Ribs.  

I ate the chocolate cake before I got to take a picture - sorry
It was so nice there. I'd never been before so it was all new to me, and I will definitely be returning. 

After we'd eaten, we decided to go back to the hotel for a chilled out night. I don't drink alcohol so I didn't see the point in going out on the town, and I much prefer cuddling up in front of the telly to being out drinking Pepsi in the freezing cold weather. We got back - put on a bit of Celeb Juice and then went to bed ready for the following day. 

Day two - Waking up at half 8 was honestly not the most appealing part of the day. I really don't like mornings especially on a Sunday! But anyway, we had a quick shower and got ready to go for our breakfast which we got free with the room booking. I was originally going to go for a healthy breakfast - fruit and juice ect but I soon changed my mind half way through plating up and ended up with such a weird breakfast. Nice but weird. 

After breakfast it was nearly time to check out, so we collected our stuff and off we went. We went for a quick walk around the block; I picked up a Cosmopolitan Magazine and a bottle of Water and back to the car we went. 

Next stop: Intu Trafford Centre - now this was the whole reason we went to Manchester in the first place. Beautiful is an understatement. It's insanely gorgeous there. It doesn't even look like a shopping center. More like a cruise ship! 

We walked around the place for about 4-5 hours and I only got a few things (oops). Still, I'll being going again some time soon ready for the Christmas Shopping! 

I have a Birthday Haul coming up soon - so stay tuned for more! 

Thank you Ryan for one of the best birthdays I've ever had... I love you.