Friday, 10 October 2014

W7 Make Up Bundle Review

This week I was very kindly gifted a make up bundle to review here on my blog. You can read my full disclaimer here.

Angel Eyes Silky Eye Shadow Palette
7 beautiful eye shadows perfect for that girl who wants to be glitzy & glam. 
Sadly there's no names for each of the shadows which is a slightly annoying as you have to give a detailed description of each to know which one is which (if you were to do a tutorial). The packaging looks a tad cheap but it's not so bad that it would stop me from buying the product. As you can see from the picture, the palette comes with a mirror attached. It's a good size mirror, great for the eyes. I really don't like the fact that it comes with sponge applicators. I would of much preferred it to come with a double sided brush instead. The shadow is easy to remove - the glitter particles not so much. 

Chunky Bronzer - Hawaiian Bronze

I was quite surprised to see this product - as you can see there's not much product in the tube which is a little disappointing. The colour itself is a little to bright for my skin tone so I don't think I'll be able to test it out during a full make up look. It would obviously suit someone a lot more tanned than me. It feels a lot like powder which is slightly strange because it's a cream bronzer. It's very easy to remove, and so far very easy to apply. 

Butter Kiss Lipstick - Red Dawn

This reminds me a lot like the NYX Butter Lipstick. The packaging is lovely. It has a good amount of product in the tube which is a nice bonus. You can build up the coverage very easily to make it more opaque if needs be. The lipstick has a slight fragrance to it but it's not a bad fragrance so no need to worry. The lipstick is nice and creamy which is such a treat because no one likes a dry lipstick do they? It's easy to apply and even easier to remove. The colour is lovely ngl. I love it. The only downside is that it's more of a Summer/Spring colour rather than an Autumn colour which is now the season that we're in. So, sadly I might have to wait until Spring arrives for me to wear it (or you never know, I might wear it sooner rather than later). 

Eye Lust Mascara - Blackest Black & Liquid Eyeliner - Black

I forgot to take a picture of the eye liner (sorry) - Anyway - these products aren't really my cup of tea. The mascara doesn't really do much for my lashes and because the applicator is so big, it goes all over my face because of my tiny eyes. Maybe it'll suit someone with bigger eyes? 
& I only tested out the eye liner on my hand as I don't wear eye liner on my eyes - at least not black eye liner anyway. My mum on the other hand loves it, so I gave it to her :) You can do all sorts of different strokes with the brush, it's a very stiff brush which is better than one that wiggles about everywhere. You can have thin lines, or thick lines depending on your own personal preference. It has a good colour pay off and it's easy to remove.