Thursday, 9 October 2014

After a long day at work...

Usually after a long day at work, I would just go straight to bed and have a little sleep (I say little, I'm asleep for about 12 hours lol).
But sometimes, just sometimes I like to come home, make myself some tea and have a nice relaxing bath along with putting on my favourite jim jams and watching a bit of the old Waterloo Road episodes. 

Bath time is me time. It's peaceful, it's soothing and it's just a nice thing to do when you need a bit of relaxation to unstress yourself. 

I put on a bit of music (depending on how late it is & if my mum is in bed or not) - pop in a bath bomb, and watch it fizzle out into something amazing. I take off my make up and apply my Mask of Magnaminty face mask from Lush. I get myself undressed and slip into what has to be the best feeling in the world; the bath. 

As I lie there, destressing myself.. a whirlwind of thoughts rush through my mind until they're forced to put themselves to rest. 

I take off my face mask, and apply one of the most amazing scrubs you could ever use. The "Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub" - Excellent for scrubbing away dead skin, keeping your skin soft and smooth, and easily conditioned. Using the best ingredients there is... limes covered in vodka (you can get a non-alcoholic one too), grapefruit and salt. 

Ocean Salt £7.75
Next, I will use the Eau Roma Water which is suitable even for sensitive skin. Made with Rose water and Lavender Water; it's able to calm and reduce any redness, whilst also balancing and softening the skin. It's also great for removing any excess make up that hasn't managed to come off before.

Eau Roma Water £4.25
I then wash my body with a shower gel (defeats the purpose of it being a shower gel right?) and go on to washing my hair. Yes, I'm one of those people who washes their hair in the bath - also my shower head is broken so I have no choice right now anyway. Last night, I decided that I would use a conditioning hair mask too since my hair is somehow slightly damaged at the moment. 

Cotton Pads  | Body Butter | Bath Bomb  | Lip Balm  | Hair Mask
Shampoo | Conditioner | Make Up Remover |

Once I've managed to get myself out of the bath (they really are luxurious), I apply my new favourite body butter, and my all time favourite lip balm... Slip into my pj's and relax in front of the telly. 

The only thing left to do is go to bed. 

So, good night!