Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Make Up Revolution - Reviews.

Around 2 weeks ago I made a slight purchase at Make Up Revolution. 
It took a while to get here because I missed the postman and had to wait until I had a day off work to go to the delivery office and fetch it - otherwise it only would of taken a few days to arrive. I got myself 5 products - 3 of which came as 1. 
Here I show you swatches, pictures and my personal reviews on them... 
Keep reading if you want to see them :)

Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette FLAWLESS

As you can see from the palette - the colours range from a mixture of shimmery shades to matte shades. I think it's perfect for the upcoming seasons (sort of the reason I got it). You can use this palette for either a simple day time look and/or a dark smokey eye for a night out on the town. The options are endless. Obviously the lighter colours are harder to see on the skin, but other than that the application is good. They are also very easy to remove if you use a good make up remover. A mirror is also included.

Row 1
|Paper|Soft Glow|Buff|Highlite|Angel|Unlimited|Brew|Silver Smoke|

Row 2 
|Almost There |Uncover|Barely Pink|Lowlite|Golden Night|Gold Digger|Cheerless|Blue Stars|

Row 3
|Smudge|Shimmer Heart|Universal|Copper Shimmer|Medal|Darkest Shimmer|Tarnish|Black Tie|

Row 4
|Pure Chocolate|Raw|Red Night|Molton Chocolate|Burgandy Nights|GreenStars|Cafe Noir|Night|

Blush & Contour Palette - Sugar and Spice

8 Beautiful colours for £6.00 is pretty amazing right? I thought so too ;) 
They range from beige/brownish colours to bright pinks. It really is a good selection. 
You will find that you have 2 contour colours up in the top left, 4 blusher colours and 2 highlight colours which both have a shimmer to it. Again, I feel that the darker blushers are perfect for the next two seasons. They are lovely to apply and easy to remove. There's also a nice size mirror included. The colours can also be found on the back of your packaging which in my opinion is quite useful. The only thing that lets down the product is the fact that it doesn't have names for each one. So from left to right here we go: 

|Shade 1|Shade 2|Shade 3|Shade 4|Shade 5|Shade 6|Shade 7|Shade 8|

Full Vamp Lipstick Collection 

Usually I would never go for such dark colours but I thought given that Halloween is coming up as well as Autumn, I'd give them a try... also, 3 lipsticks for £2! What?! It says on the website that you buy 3 and get 1 free - that would make 4 lipsticks. I only received 3 so that's a little disappointing. I don't notice any kind of smell to these, which I guess is good but it's always nice to have something on your lips that smells good in my opinion. They feel really smooth when applying, they just glide on. Obviously the darker colours are harder to remove, but not so much that it's a problem. You get quite a lot of product in the tube. I haven't yet worn them for a full day - so I wouldn't be able to tell you how long they last just yet. Feel free to email me if you're wondering and I can let you know.

Rebel With Cause

100% Vamp

Black Heart

Have you ever got anything from Make Up Revolution, if so what? Did you like it?