Thursday, 12 March 2015

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

Hey :) 

So I just bagged myself a new cleanser/make up remover and I gotta tell you, I think I'm in love. Removing my make up has always been a pain, the last thing I wanna do when I get back from a long day at work or a long day shopping, is stand in my bathroom scrubbing my face from all the dirt and grime that builds up on my face throughout the day. It's not something I look forward to doing, and I'll admit, I don't always do it. There's been many of times when I just couldn't be bothered, and so I get in bed with a face full of make up and end up looking like a jumped up little panda in the morning. That is something, that I do not recommend. Not only is it gross, it also breaks you out quite badly. Well it does me anyway. 

Anyway, I was looking online for something that could ease my break outs, that's fun to use and actually works and then I came across this cleanser from Liz Earle. With over 2,000 reviews and a 5 star rating, I just couldn't scroll past without having a quick snoop at what it's all about. I basically fell in love with it at first sight. At an amazing £15.50 I couldn't resist adding it to my basket and for once, actually buying something I so desperately needed.

When it arrived through my post box, I instantly knew I had made the right decision. It came beautifully packaged in a mint travel case with not one but two cloths. Just taking it out of the case, it looked so luxurious. No one would guess that it cost me less than £20.  


Now for the product itself as said so on Liz Earle's website it is a 

"Multi-award winning hot cloth cleaner that quickly removes daily grime and make up to leave skin clean, soft and radiant. 

Ideal for your morning or evening cleanse, this formulation works on every age and skin type, offering concentrated yet gentle cleansing power.
Our plant-based cleanser has a two-phase action. Phase one is the cleansing. Free from mineral oil, it has a rich and creamy texture and swiftly removes all traces of face and eye make up, even stubborn mascara.
Phase two is the polishing. Polish off the cream using the pure muslin cloth to gently dislodge dead skin cells and help reveal clean, soft and radiant skin.
Naturally active ingredients include eucalyptus and cocoa butter for smoother, cleaner skin".

My review: I agree that it does leave my skin looking clean, and feeling soft. Radiant is something I haven't got from this product yet, but in saying that I haven't been using it long enough to notice a difference. I really enjoy putting this on my face, and having to use a hot cloth to wipe off all the make up. Whilst it is a relaxing procedure, it's also a refreshing one. I no longer dread having to take off my make up, and for once I actually look forward to it. The cloth itself - I thought this was gonna be a bit of a pain - having to wash it every time I wanted to use it but I've noticed that if you just wash it with warm water after every use, the make up just disappears from the cloth. Of course you must wash it after 2/3 uses because bacteria will start to grow on it, but it's good to use (in my opinion) a few times before you put it in the washing machine. 

Rating: 9/10 :)