Monday, 20 April 2015

Spring 2015

Spring 2015 is here and it's so beautiful. 
This year, I'd say we're quite lucky because usually in April it's raining like crazy and we don't see the sun until June/July. 
We've had such beautiful weather though. It's easy to mistake it for Summer. 

In the UK, our Summers don't get that warm. Maybe 27-30 degrees if we're lucky. So to get 22 degrees in April, it is pretty good. 

I know we've had this weather for a few weeks now, but sadly I've been stuck at work throughout it all and haven't had a proper chance to sit and enjoy it. 

Until today...
I finally have two days off, and both days are supposed to be good weather so I'm pretty chuffed about that! My mum went to do some gardening today at my grandma's, so I thought I'd go up there myself and take a few snaps. (I'm broke until payday so I can't do much else). 

I'm now officially looking forward to Summer - hopefully the weather is just as nice but hotter!