Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My top 5 apps for travelling

Top 5 apps for travel

For those of you who haven't read my previous post on travelling, you can do so by clicking here. I have decided to experience life the only way I know how, and by that I mean I have 100% decided on a backpacking trip around Australia for a year or two.

It's a daunting time, especially since I'll be going on my own. I've spent years looking for someone to travel with, begging my friends to ditch their lives here and come away with me, but no-one seems all that interested. Of course I've found people who've said they're definitely up for it, but when it comes down to actually planning the trip, they back out or don't even bother speaking to me again. To be honest, I'm glad. I don't particularly like the idea of going by myself and neither does my mum but the thought of being your own boss, and travelling at your own pace seems much more exciting to me. I know for a fact that as soon as I get out there, I'm bound to make new friends who are just the same as me (terrified of being alone in a such a large country), and I keep telling myself I'm going to be fine, which right of the back of my mind I know is true. But it's still a scary thought, especially for someone with anxiety. 

Over the recent months I've been planning to high heaven; everything from activities, to places to stay and to meeting new people. Here I tell you what my top 5 apps are for travelling. 

Pinterest is my first go to app/website that I use for my travelling plans. I have over 16k pins, and over a 100 boards. Not all related to travelling; some being gift ideas, food recipes, diy's etc but this is such an amazing place to post all of my plans, bucket list ideas etc. It's also a big inspiration board for me, and I've often found quotes on there that I've printed off to help make my own vision board. All in all, if you aren't sure that travelling is something you want to do - head on over here and I promise you, you'll be booking that plane ticket in no time at all. 

Backpackr is my second go to app. Although I'm sure it's better used whilst on the go, it's also great for planning, advice and talking to people from around the world. This app is made for solo travellers like myself which is one of the reasons I love it so much. It's like a giant forum for travellers, mainly backpackers. It's free to register, and quite simple to use. You just need to set up your profile, and away you go. Meet new people, ask questions, set travel goals, and stamp your way around the world. It's an easy concept, and perfect for travelling solo. 

My third favourite app is Depop. Yes I'm aware it doesn't have much to do with travelling, but for those still in the planning stage, this is a great app for saving money. If you're anything like me, and you like to splurge out on new clothes, bags and shoes every month then this app is perfect for you. Not only that, but you can sell your own stuff on here too. So long as you put all money you earn from it, into your savings account.. it can be classed as a travelling app too right? Just register an account, play around with your profile, and you can start earning money within hours. Also for those who like to buy new things every month, what's the harm in buying second hand/sometimes brand new stuff from others at a lower price than what you'd pay in the stores? It's also great for buying new clothes for your travels. Sounds like a great app to me! 

For those of you already on the road or for those of you who are really into planning every detail like myself, this app is perfect for you. Travelling can be expensive at the best of times, especially in a country like Australia. Hotels are crazy expensive and if you're travelling solo like myself and are looking to meet new people, hostels are perfect for that reason. It doesn't matter where in the world you go, hostels are bound to be full of travellers of all ages because it is the cheapest way to live especially if you don't plan on staying for longer than a few days. Whereas with some hotels you'll be looking at £100+ a night, hostels can be pretty low on prices and you can find some for just £5 or less a night depending on where you are. Australia is obviously more expensive than let's say Thailand but the prices are still nowhere near as expensive as a hotel. With hostel bookers, all you need to do is type in the city/country you're travelling too, select the dates you plan on being there and how many people you're booking for, and bam; it's all there. You can sort out the list from low to high prices or vice versa, by ratings and/or distance. The app also gives you reviews from those who have previously stayed there, and a map so you can find it easier. This is one of the main apps I'll be using when I hit the road and I can't wait to make amazing memories in some of these places. 

The fifth and final app I've chosen is one I'm sure you've heard of plenty of times in more recent years and that is Airbnb. For those of you who aren't so fond of sharing a bedroom with up to 16 other people, or fancy a weekend away with your friends and don't want to splash out on a fancy hotel, Airbnb is just for you. With over 60,000,00 people on here, more 34,000 cities to choose from and a total of 191 countries involved... Airbnb is where dreams are made of. Whether you fancy sharing a snazzy apartment for a week with friends, or living like a celebrity in a villa somewhere hot, then this is the app for you. Maybe you're backpacking for a year like I'll be doing, and you decide you want to stick around somewhere for longer than a week - then this is a great way to do so. Maybe split the rent/bills with your new found friends? You will find some unique accommodation on this app. Whether that be a castle or a house in the trees, this is one amazing app you just have to join.