Sunday, 18 May 2014

Date Night

Hey girls! 

Me and Ryan (my boyfriend) recently hit the 2 year mark on our relationship which is as lovely as ever. 

We've been through some rough patches, but given the time and effort we've spent trying to make it work, talking about things and changing a few stuff here & there, we're still together and hoping to be for quite some time! It's lovely being in a relationship with that one person who gets you the most. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to be single too but I'm just the type of person who prefers to be in a relationship rather than be single. 

To keep us on our toes, it's always nice to have a little fun. You don't want to be stuck in all the time doing nothing but watching day time T.V... Why may you ask? Because it's boring that's why! Although, sometimes on those 'I really cba to do anything' days... watching day time T.V actually has it's good points. 

If you find yourself doing this in a relationship, you need to change it... and fast! 
No-one wants to be in a boring relationship where you end up doing the same thing over and over again. It's nice to change it up a little bit once in a while. That's why I recommend having 'Date Nights'. 

Obviously, you don't have to do this every single day you see each other but like I said above, once in a while it's a nice thing to do with each other. 

I don't mean spending lots of money either, because although Ryan goes to work... I don't as of yet (currently looking for employment), so sometimes money is an issue. I'm not the type of girl who wants my fella to pay for everything either. If he offers, fair enough but I'll still try and find a bit of money from somewhere, just in case. I'm a bit stubborn like that. It's nice idea for him to pay for everything but c'mon, it's a bit cheap and a little skanky to get him to pay for everything we do, all the time. 

You can do the simplest things, and still have a really good time. Just going to the pub for a drink or two is classed as a date, so why not do that? I don't drink alcohol that much, (I had my first alcohol beverage today for the first time since NYE!). I often have water, or maybe a coke depending on the mood I'm in, but it doesn't matter what you drink. As long as you're out and having fun, alcohol doesn't really come in to it... even if you're at a pub. 

You could cook a meal together, or cook a meal for your partner. You could even go the whole way (don't be rude) and put candles up and some nice music. 

Sometimes though, it's nice to do something a little different. Maybe go to a spa? Or a hotel for the night, or maybe do something a little more outrageous and go to a concert. The whole point of a date night is spending time with the person you love doing something you love. 

Just the other day, me and my fella decided to go out for a meal. It wasn't crazy expensive, and we split the bill (sort of). I paid for the desserts - he paid for the meal and drinks. (I offered to pay that too but he's just as stubborn as I am haha). 

It was lovely getting out the house for a bit, even if it was just behind his house. We went to a Brewers Fayre Pub, which is honestly so lovely. The food is just, mmmmm. 

I had a Pasta bake with 2 garlic bread slices and a side salad, whilst Ryan had a Chicken burger, chips and a small salad. For dessert we both had a HUGE slice of chocolate cake; I had ice cream with mine, and Ryan had custard with his. For drinks, I had a Bulmers (the red one) and Ryan had some sort of beer haha. 

All I'm saying is spend a little more time being in each others company doing stuff you both enjoy and you'll find yourself feeling and being happier, and your relationship will be stronger too :)