Friday, 2 May 2014

Goodbyes & New Beginnings

Hi guys. 

So these last two weeks have been awful, one of the worst two weeks of my life actually although for the past 2 days it has got a little better (which I will tell you about further on). 

Sadly, last Saturday 26/04/2014 my gorgeous baby girl Jessie, our family dog passed away. She honestly meant everything to me, we'd had her for 11 years and it was such a shock for her to go just like that. 

She was fine up until Friday 25/04/2014. We woke up to her bleeding everywhere, badly bleeding I mean. It was like a blood bath in our house. We thought that she was just in season, and didn't realize how serious it was. Unfortunately, we couldn't get her to the vets until the Saturday... which I'm kind of thankful for because it means we had one last day with her with us. 

Saturday morning, she was heading to the vets. My Mum told us to say our goodbyes even though we wasn't expecting them to do anything except maybe check her over and give her some medication; it was just for a precaution - just in case. So we said our goodbyes, and it was hard because I honestly believed that she would be coming home in a few hours or at the latest, the day after. After about an hour, we got a phone call from our Mum who very upset-tingly told us that Jessie had to be put down. I lost it then, I broke down in tears and just couldn't stop crying... for at least 2 days. It was heartbreaking. I just couldn't, and tbh I still can't imagine my life without her because she's been in my life for 11 years which is a long time especially since I was just a child back when we first got her. 

It was hard, very hard. The vet had said that they had found a cyst on one of her ovaries, and because it had been left untreated for so long (she had no symptoms so we didn't have a clue)- that it was causing her kidney's to fail. They said that they could give her a huge operation to try and sort it, but chances are she'd bleed to death within 3 days and my Mum just couldn't put her through that. It wasn't fair on her to go through all that, just to die anyway. So, she was put down. 
(I won't go in to it anymore - because what happened after is a bit personal and I'd like to keep it to myself) - but I was heartbroken, and I still am. 

Anyway, this might seem quite soon but the following Thursday (yesterday) we got a new puppy! We haven't decided on her name yet, but we're falling towards the name Milly. She's a 9 week old Jackhuahua which is a Jack Russel/Chihuahua. She is so small and dainty, nothing like Jessie which was the point. We don't want to replace Jess but living without a dog, is like living without chocolate... impossible ;) haha. 

She doesn't look that small here but she is tiny. She can fit inside a cup hehe :) 

The same day, we also got Jessie back. We didn't want to bury her in our back garden, because for all we know we might not live here forever and we wouldn't want her lying in someone else's garden. So we had her cremated instead, and she was bought back to us in a lovely little box and has now placed herself very nicely next to our T.V. 

So, Rest In Peace Jessie... We love you & we miss you so much baby girl, but you will always be with us. 


Hello to our new puppy!