Monday, 18 August 2014

Lola the Jackhuahua

Hello you gorgeous people... 

For those who read my blog, you will all know that I recently (I say recently, it was actually a few months ago now) got a new puppy after my best friend of 11 years passed away back in April. Jessie was a perfect Dog, in every way, shape and form. She made my life feel complete and was always there for me when I needed a cuddle, so when she passed away due to circumstances above our control, it hit me like a brick and I felt like my life had been turned completely upside down. I don't care how silly that sounds, to everyone else she was "just a Dog" but to me, she was my best friend and sister all rolled up into one. She couldn't talk, but she could smile and she could cry, she had feelings just like us and she would cuddle me all night and sometimes I was lucky enough to spoon her. No other dog could ever replace her.

Jessie - 2003-2014 RIP Baby 
That being said, me and my family didn't feel like we could cope without a dog. We've always had a Dog, since the day I was born and it just didn't feel right not having one roaming round the house every day and night. So upon those feelings, we decided the best way to stop feeling so down about Jessie's death, was to get a new Dog and form a new bond with a new beautiful little girl. I say little, because she is genuinely tiny. Like I said, we could never replace Jessie. So that's when we decided that getting another border collie would be way too difficult for us to handle, and so we decided on a new breed altogether. A Jackhuahua.

A Chihuahua crossed with a Jack Russell. 
She was only 9 weeks old when we got her and honestly, she's so damn cute! I agree with my mum when she says that Lola's a very spoiled little girl... those cute little eyes and her little whimpering sounds are just to much to bare. 

Lola as a puppy 
I admit though, her ears are not the same floppy little things that you can see on the above picture... no. She's now got full on Chihuahua ears. Because she's half Chihuahua and that breed comes from Mexico, she can get extreamely cold with just the tiniest gust of wind. Therefore, we've had to invest in some cardigan's and coat's for her for the Winter. (We wouldn't usually dress Dogs, but the vet advised us to do so in order to keep her warm). 

Lola has her own little quirks and qualities just like every other Dog. She snores a lot when it comes down to having a snooze, which is another thing... she's lazy. She sleeps a lot. She's like a baby really. She sleeps, eats, poops, plays and does it all over again constantly all day. She can jump up on to the sofa's, which can quite irritating at times when you don't want her up there. She can't climb the stairs yet, which is a relief. Although she could manage to climb them at my Grandma's house, but I think that's because her stairs are closer together than ours. She couldn't get down though and took to crying her little heart out instead. We have 4 cats, and even though Lola is a lot smaller than them all, my cats still seem to be afraid of her. I think that's down to the high volume of energy that Lola has. She can be sleeping one minute, and running riot the next. She's very afraid of bigger dogs, as is most small dogs. When we walk her, she'll often just sit there and refuse to walk because like I said before, she's lazy. So we've took to carrying her in a little bag (that's made for small dogs). I wasn't sure of this at first, but I suppose it's can be quite handy for when we take her out and she gets sleepy. She can just curl up in her bag and drop off to sleep. It doesn't matter what Lola does that's naughty, you really can't stay mad at her for long. She's too cute. 

She really has brightened up my life, as well as all of those around me. 
She's now a little bigger than what she first was, but it's not that much bigger. She's still a midget. I look forward to spending my life with her. 

If you have instagram and would like to see a short video of Lola having one her energy outburts then please click here