Saturday, 13 September 2014

Granny Takes a Dip Review

I recently did a blog post related to my top 5 Lush products, and funnily enough soon after I had a little shop in Lush and bought some new products to try out. 

My all time favorite is now the "Granny Takes a Dip" Bath Bomb, and here I tell you why. 

What excited me the most about this bath bomb wasn't just the colours but the size of it as well. Looking at here, it doesn't look that big but being honest, this bath bomb is huge which kind of took me by surprise as they are usually quite small. I was so eager to try this out, that I used it within the first night of buying it. 

The bath bomb is made up of four layers of colours as you can see in the above picture. A neon pink surrounds the other colours, which entails a dusty blue, a cherry red, and a bright green. 

As soon as I removed the bath bomb from the packaging, I rightly remembered why I'd bought this instead of any others. The scent from this bath bomb was just beautiful; made up with ginger, pepper and lemon, Granny Takes a Dip makes up quite a unique fragrance which sadly doesn't last long enough in my opinion.

As soon as you pop it into your bath, you'll start to notice the bath bomb fizz away into all sorts of foamy colours and patterns. I was quite amazed at how it did this, so I think I spent the majority of my time just watching it happen. 

The bath bomb starts to gush out the colours, and form a rainbow pattern in the water. It slowly trails around the bathtub, taking around 10 minutes to fully dissolve. Once the pattern has completely gone, the bath water is left a beautiful dark purple colour. 

My skin felt amazing when I left the bath tub. I felt so smooth and moisturized which to me was a pleasant surprise. 

All in all this is by far my favorite bath bomb, ever. I loved it so much, I went back to get another one which I very kindly gifted to my sister for her 17th Birthday. 

For £3.25 it's really worth the money and I highly recommend it to my readers.