Monday, 6 May 2013

A day out in CARSINGTON WATER :) 
-with my sister and boyfriend obviously. 

So today, well I say today... I actually mean yesterday because it's 03.45 am Tuesday morning right now and it was Monday that we went so yeah yesterday; Me, my boyfriend Ryan and my sister Cody all had a day trip to Carsington Water. Day trip? Well I'd like to think it was a day trip, we didn't actually spend that long there but that was by no fault of my own although I would like to pin the blame on Ryan since it was his doing... really it was! I'll start from the beginning shall I? 

It was May day, Bank Holiday and we had the best weather for it. Temperatures up to the 20's which let's be honest is weird for us in the UK as we usually have rubbish weather. I do like to whine a bit though and I must say it was a bit chilly if the breeze hit you, especially if you was sitting in the shade. (which is kind of the point, but shh). Anyway, I'm not really an out going person anymore, long story short; I was bullied a few years back and never got my confidence fully back. Which really sucks, especially in the summer... but it's something I'm dealing with, and I must say I'm quite proud of myself for leaving the house and actually doing something instead of staying in watching Daytime television all day. The day started off brilliantly to be honest, I was getting ready upstairs whilst blasting out some old tunes from the 20th century, (being honest; it was the only thing decent enough on the music channel), and Ryan was outside cleaning out his car. Once ready, I came downstairs to find that my doggy who's name is Jess by the way (lil jessykins) bless her, had sneaked out the front door and took herself on a walk down the road. At the time though, we didn't know where she was as she'd never ran off before, but I reckon she must of had a brainwave that if we wasn't going to take her out, then she'd just have to go by herself & if you think about it, it is actually quite funny. We ran out that door faster than you could say 'cheeeeeeese'. Ran all the way down our road, and then down another road to find her on someone's garden jumping around, playing with some kids and a football. It looked like the perfect little family outing, only it was on some randomer's garden with OUR dog and once you got closer, you could tell that those people wasn't happy that she'd interrupted their day. So there we all was; my mum, Ryan & myself walking back up the street, out of breath, hot & sweaty. Jess didn't look so bothered though, I bet she had some right fun on her little journey. I would of loved to of taken her out, but she's still got her winter coat on and is molting quite badly, and since Ryan has decided to clean out his car, we didn't think it would be the best idea to put her in there as the fur would never come out of the seats! We have all summer though, and it's probably best that she stayed in if you think about it, because she'd of been really really hot. 

Anyway, off subject. (You'll see that I tend to this a lot). 
Me and Ryan really wanted my sister Cody to join us, as she doesn't go out much either... and if you're wondering why I didn't invite my mum (it's not because I'm a horrible person, but because she started work at 2.00pm). So we decided to head to Derby City Center to give Cody some time to get ready. Derby isn't that far from Belper so we knew we'd only be like an hour. I felt all summery in my bright pink dress and flip flops, although a tan would of been nice... we haven't seen the sun in so long, you could of mistaken me for milk I'm that white. We had a look round River Island and then went on to Shakin' It & for those who have no idea what that is, it's a little area in Westfield Shopping Centre that makes/sells Milkshake kinda things, out of any chocolate bar or sweets you wish. I have always had the same since it opened for the first time, and that's the Oreo Milkshake. Probably seems a bit boring, but I don't dare change it in case I don't like another flavor. The next stop was Primark; Ryan brought me some lovely sunglasses which remind me of a bubble bee (I don't know why they just always have) you know, those big ones that go way above your actual eyes? and they had little gold diamonte's on the sides. Only £3 too! 

Back in my hometown, we picked Cody up as mum had already left for work by that time... Locked up and set off for our day trip. There's something about me and my family always being late, it doesn't matter what time we get up, we always sit and do nothing until it's too late, and we have to rush around. Does anyone else do that? Probably just us, but never mind we can always hope. We fancied a little drink to get us in the Summer mood even though it isn't Summer, knowing the UK though it's probably the best we'll see of it. So we brought ourselves a bottle of wine to share (not Ryan as he was driving) and some plastics cups. Ryan needed the Sat Nav to find his way to Carsington Water as the last time Me and Cody came we was a lot younger, and we've slept a lot since then, so we didn't know how to get there without it. As usual though, it takes us the longest way possible, doing the complete opposite of what it's supposed to do, just our luck. Sends us along all these country roads, that was unbelievably scary if we passed another car, as the roads were only big enough for one car at a time, oh and the air smelt really bad as there was a lot of animals doing their business' in the fields next to the road, yuk! So finally we could see the lake, and boy was it beautiful! We turned into the car park and parked up. Me and Cody though knew that it wasn't the same place as we used to go as children, and thought that it'd either been changed completely or we was in the wrong place. Which would you think? Well, we was in the wrong place, but Ryan was certain that we wasn't and made us get out the car, to walk. Now this is a very strong subject that both Me and Cody hate talking about, not just talking but doing it also. WALKING, there's nothing I hate more than walking, it's so boring and especially in hot weather my feet would soon start to hurt and sweat along with me in general. I dread to think, ugh. 

So we got out the car, walked past the ice cream van :( and up onto this small channel area. All these people were carrying rucksacks, and walking their dogs oh and riding their bikes, and then there was us... moaning and wining because WE ARE LAZY PEOPLE. We walked for about 5 mins before stopping at a bench, we took some pictures, had a sneaky cigarette (I will quit soon) and a cheeky little drink of wine. Then we got walking again, it's only when we got about quarter of the way round that we realized we really was in the wrong part, and that walking would take at least an hour, and then we'd only have to walk back again. So we decided the best idea was to walk all the way back to the car, and do what we should of done at the start an drove down to right part. I was knackered, and I was cranky. Like really cranky. We all was. Although, a nice cold ice cream soon sorted us out. It was bloomin' expensive though, a 99 ice cream with a flake usually costs 99p, but this was an ice cream without a flake and it still cost £1.50 each! Though, it did have these amazing sauces all over it, red green & blue... nom. No excuses for the price though!! Finally we was in the right place, the place we should of been all along! It was perfect. The sun was shining, the kids were playing and the ducks were quacking. I was bustin' for the toilet though, so we quickly had to find one. Straight after we went and found a lovely spot on the grass, looking over the lake & the park. Seeing everyone's barbecue's, wishing we had bought one. We was only lay down for about 20 mins when we realized people was leaving already. We stayed about another 20 mins, so 40 mins in total but then it started to get really breezy so we decided to come back! Can't say it was what we had planned for the day, but it wasn't all bad & at least I was actually out of the house, in the sun, drinking wine with my boy & my sister. Aw. 

I don't have a phone at the moment, it's broken :( but I took a few pictures which you'll see at the top on my boyfriend's phone! I edited them because well don't you think pictures look SO much better when they are edited? I do anyway. I didn't take many, but I've found a few on Google Images for those who don't know what Carsington Water is. So no they are not my pictures at the bottom of the page :) 

Mwah xo