Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Childhood Survey

Late 90's - Early 2000

1. What was your favorite childhood film? 

Barney's Night Before Christmas was my all time favorite film as a child, I wouldn't just watch this at Christmas time but I'd watch it all year round too. I remember going up to my Mum's friend's house; Lorraine, because she had the film on tape. Looking back it must of seemed a little cheeky; Going up there, taking over her living room and making her watch the film over and over again. This film was released in 1999. 

2. What was your favorite childhood cartoon? 

I would 100% have to say Rugrats, it was the coolest cartoon ever made in my opinion. Because I was only a toddler when I started 
watching it I could totally relate to what they was thinking and doing; because the show focuses on a group of toddlers, and their day to day lives. It would create adventures in the babies' imaginations, which is exactly what I remember doing as a child. 
Rugrats went on to make a TV special 'All grown up' which focused more on the fact that they wasn't toddlers anymore, but they still got up to their usual tricks. This for me wasn't as good as the original Rugrats, and therefore I stopped watching it. 

3. What was your favorite music artists/bands? 

I would have to say S Club 7 because to be totally honest I still listen to their music now! I have great memories from S Club 7 songs, and I even went on to enjoy S Club 7 Juniors too. 

4. What was your favorite toys as a child? 

I have so many too choose from really... but luckily I have a Pinterest Album featuring all of my beloved memories. Check it out, you never know you might see something that you loved once upon a time too. 

5. Favorite food as a child? 

I have two really. The first one is Ravioli which is a traditional type of Italian filled pasta. They are composed of a filling sealed between two layers of thin egg pasta dough and are served with pasta sauce. The second one I couldn't get enough of was Jam + Honey on toast and/or Sandwiches. As a toddler, I would eat this without a doubt at least twice a day; both for breakfast & Supper. I remember though one time, my mum brought me a bottle of honey in a bear shaped bottle and I wouldn't eat it. I just refused. The bear was so damn adorable and it didn't seem right eating it's insides, bless me. 

6. Favorite gadget as a child? 

I'm not sure if this is really classed as a gadget but I'll go ahead and say it anyway! I really enjoyed playing with a Dance Mat which I received as a present for Christmas. I would spend hours playing on it, with or without my friends joining in. 

7. Favorite computer game as a child? 

Back when I was younger, no-one really used the internet very much. The only thing I remember using on here was Paint. I'd use it all the time when I got a chance to use the computer. I'd draw the weirdest paintings, which in my eyes looked amazing. There's also Minesweeper, which is a weird game that I never and still don't understand. Yet I still went on it, why?

8. Year you was born in? 

I was born in 1995. October the 11th to be precise. 

9. Favorite TV Programme as a child? 

Teletubbies & Tweenies! There isn't even a word to describe how much I loved these programmes. I also loved loved loved 'Some mothers do ave em. Which I used to just call "Frank Spencer". It was the best comedy ever made to be honest. 

10. Remember any VHS tapes? 

Yes! I remember Sooty & Sweep;the pantomime and the burglar. Cinderella which was actually made in 1950, and Dumbo (which always made me cry). I still can't watch Dumbo without crying now, and I'm 17! 

11. Do you miss those days when you was younger?

Most defiantly! Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to grow up and now I'm grown up I want to be a child again. Those days were so much better; there was no highly expensive mobile phones, flat screen TV's or and I'm sure you'll agree with me here, there was no worries. Life was simple. You didn't have to worry about what make up you was going to wear, if you looked fat in your outfit or if your hair looked great. You could run around the town screaming and shouting without it being a big deal. You could drop food down your clothes without it being the end of the world. No-one judged you back then... and you actually had friends that you would've trust with your life. Life now is completely different to when we was younger, and if I could go back to it all then I would without a doubt. 

12. Did you ever own a pair of light up sneakers?

I'm afraid not, but what I did own was a pair of light up school shoes! Every time I took a step the shoes would flash purple, and my teacher would tell me off. But what could I do?? Stop walking? Hahaha 

13. Cinderella or Snow White? 

Cinderella ALL THE WAY. 

14. Did you ever try to stay up on Christmas Eve to see if you could see Santa Claus? 

Didn't we all? 

15. Did you ever leave anything for Santa Claus? 

Yes, of course! I'd leave him two mince pies and a glass of milk. I'd also leave a bucket of water n carrots for the reindeer's outside and I'd sprinkle Magic Dust all over the pathway towards my house so that he could find me obviously...

16. What Power Ranger did you like to think was you? 

The pink one in Power Ranges SPD :) 

17. Barney or Sesame Street? 

Is it bad that I don't even know what Sesame Street is? I'll have to go with Barney, 'cos I mean I did love that Christmas special. 

Mwah xo