Sunday, 9 March 2014

100 days of happiness challenge

I did not start this up myself nor do I own any involvement in it* 

The 100 days of happiness challenge is a Instagram challenge I recently came across. 
I thought it would be something cool for everyone to get involved in. 
As I'm writing this, I'm happy... but I know that usually, it isn't for long. This challenges me to 100 days of being happy.
I'm hoping that I can do this and I will give it my best effort. 

The challenge is to post a picture every day of something you've done or something that's made you happy... you should include the tag: '#100daysofhappinesschallenge' so everyone else can see what made you happy that day. I've already started mine. Take a look: 

If you don't have Instragram nor do you want it, you could also do this via Twitter and/or Facebook