Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pinterest. What is it?

Hi guys! 

So today I wanted to talk about a website that is very close to my heart, a website of which I am totally obsessed with & addicted too. 
Pinterest. This website is literally my life right now. 
I have been coming on to this website for well over a year now, probably around 2-3 years actually. 
With a staggering 96 boards to my name and 11,491 pins, I would be lying if I told you that I wasn't obsessed. 

So what is it? What are boards? What are pins?
Boards are (like) albums and pins are the photo's. 
So imagine you've got your photo albums on Facebook, it's basically that. Except you can pin other people's pictures from their boards on to your own, and put them into your own album. 
You can name your album/board whatever you like. 
On my Pinterest for example, I have 96 boards for different things. These include; Recipe's, DIY's, Crafts, Make up looks ect. 

I have way too many to name every single one, but if you would like to check them out then click here.

The best part about these "pins" is not only do they show you the picture, but it sometimes (I say sometimes because often they're just pictures from Google), but quite a lot of the time, the pictures have come from someone's blog or website. 

If you click on a picture, look at the top of it and it will say "Visit Site". 
If you click this, it will take you to the website of where that photo came from.

For example, if you see a meal that you like and you click on "Visit Site", usually a website will follow, showing you the recipe to that meal. Along with hundreds more recipe's that that person has done. 

You can follow people's boards either all of them at once, or just one (or more) of them that you like in-particular. 
People can follow you also. 

It has a notification tab - just like Facebook which shows you when someone has followed, liked, commented or re-pinned one of yours posts. 

Honestly, as soon as you see all the amazing things on there, from hairstyles to make up looks, to fitness tips & plans, to bedroom decorating ideas... 
You will be hooked.