Friday, 14 March 2014

TMI Tag :)

50 Q&A's about me :) 

  1. What are you wearing? A paddy power bingo onesie that I won in a competition :) 
  2. Ever been in love? Yes, I'm currently in love with my ryry. 
  3. Ever had a terrible break up? Yup. 
  4. How tall are you? around 5 ft 8. 
  5. How much do you weigh? 8-9 stone I think.
  6. Any tattoos? Yes, 1.
  7. Any piercings? I used to have my ears, nose & belly done but I don't currently have any atm. 
  8. Favorite show? The Big Bang Theory. 
  9. Favorite Bands? I'm sorry, but I have to say it. Don't hate me... One Direction (a) 
  10. Something you miss? Being a child, getting away with everything, having no responsibilities ect. 
  11. Favorite Song? Carrie Underwood - Starts with Goodbye. 
  12. How old are you? 18. 
  13. Zodiac Sign? Libra. 
  14. Qualities you look for in a partner? Attentiveness, Generosity, Romance, Sense of Humour, Honest, Faithful, Respectful, Understanding, Protective, Affectionate, Passionate, Caring, Ambitious, Good Looking and Reliable; So yeah, not much really haha! 
  15. Favorite Quote? "The only person you can trust, is yourself". 
  16. Favorite Actor? Channing Tatum. 
  17. Favorite Color? Pink
  18. Loud Music or Soft? Soft. 
  19. Where do you go when you're sad? That depends on how sad I am. If I'm a little sad then I'll just go to my room but if I'm really upset, sad and down then I'll go to my Dad's grave. 
  20. How long does it take you to shower? If I'm in a rush then about 10 minutes. If I'm in no rush, then about half an hour to 45 minutes. (I spend about an hour n a half in the bath though haha). 
  21. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Again, If I'm in a rush then usually about half an hour. If I'm not, then around an hour. 
  22. Ever been in a physical fight? I've fought with my sisters but apart from them, I've never been in a real fight and I wouldn't ever want to be either! 
  23. Turn on? Nice smell... weird? I dunno, I wouldn't be impressed if someone smelt bad haha. 
  24. Turn off? Bad smell lmao. 
  25. The reason you started blogging? Having CFS it can be draining and to say the least, boring. I have a lot of spare time on my hands, and I enjoy reading about what other people get up to; not to mention, it's quite enjoyable :) 
  26. Fears? Spiders (big or small idc), Heights, most fair rides, lifts, scared of dying, needles, the dentist, fire, Airplanes (even though I've never been on one yet lol), and deep water. 
  27. Last thing that made you cry? Probably some silly argument I had with Ryan... You know you're in love when he's the only one who can make you laugh so hard, and cry so bad right? Haha. 
  28. Last time you said you loved someone? About 5 hours ago to Ryan :) 
  29. Meaning behind your blog name? It's my name...
  30. Last book you read? I hate to say it, but 50 shades of grey. 
  31. The book you're currently reading? I'm not currently reading a book. 
  32. Last show you watched? How I met your mother. 
  33. Last person you spoke to? Ryan. 
  34. The relationship between you & the person you last texted? We're in a relationship. 
  35. Favorite food? Chicken. 
  36. Place you want to visit? Bora Bora
  37. Last place you were? Ryan's house. 
  38. Do you have a crush? Yes, on Channing Tatum ;) 
  39. Last time you kissed someone? about 9 hours ago. 
  40. Last time you were insulted? Earlier by Ryan haha. 
  41. Favorite flavor of sweet? Strawberry. 
  42. What instruments do you play? I don't play any. 
  43. Favorite piece of jewelry? Necklaces. 
  44. Last sport you played? God knows haha 
  45. Last song you sang? I don't rememberrr 
  46. Favorite chat up line? "Fat Penguin!!!" - "what?" - "I just wanted to say something that would break the ice". 
  47. Have you ever used it? No but I should really haha. 
  48. Last time you hung out with anyone? Ryan earlier. 
  49. Do you have any pets? Yes, 1 dog & 4 cats. 
  50. Who should answer these questions next? Everyone who reads this :) 
Hope you enjoyed this little questionnaire and learned a bit more about me :) 
Try it out for yourself :)