Saturday, 29 March 2014

My Grandma's Birthday Gift Guide :)

Hi guys! 

My Grandma's birthday is fast approaching and I need to get her something that doesn't say "you're a year older today!". 

She's a very fussy person, and when I say fussy... it's exactly that what I mean! 

She can't have shower products because she doesn't have a shower, yet she can't have bath products because she has to use a certain product to 'soothe' her skin. She doesn't like us getting her hair products, and she's not a big fan of flowers, although she does love chocolates (I personally think that's something you could get her on a day to day basis). 

She doesn't like you to get her clothes because she likes to choose them herself. She doesn't like gift cards, because she has no idea how to use them, and she prefers to choose her own DVD's. 

She doesn't drive, and she's not a big fan of 'decor'. 

So I've come up with 5 products that I think she would love, although let's be honest... she probably won't. 

#These are all products from Prezzybox but I can assure you that I am not being sponsored for this post, I just love their products! 

1. Dear Grandma - From You to Me Book £11.95 - I thought this would be a nice little gift for keepsake purposes. It'd be better for me to ask her the questions in the book, and fill them out myself instead of her filling them in (which I know she'd struggle to do). There are around 60 questions that need to be answered which include: "Tell me about the time and place you were born?" & "What did you do for entertainment when you were younger?". The journal is hard-backed and have a ribbon book mark inside. The pages are also made from FSC certified paper. 

2. Personalised Bottle of Wine Glass £17.95 - This probably isn't normal for a woman of her age, but my Grandma is a big fan of drinking. Although she likes lager mostly, she doesn't mind a few bottles of wine now and again. The glass can be personalised with your own message and is big enough to fit a whole bottle of wine in it! The product is designed to make it unnoticeable for people to see how much wine there is actually in there. I'm sure she'd love this one! 

3. Personalised Butterfly Trinket Box £22.95 - I really like this trinket box, the colours, the detail... it's just so beautiful. I really think that she would like this, she has quite a bit of jewelry, so this is perfect for her to store it all in. To make it undoubtedly better for her, it's can also be engraved with any message I want it to have. 

4. Personalised Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bathrobe £54.95 - Bit more expensive compared to the rest, but I personally think she's worth the money. My Grandma is (like I said before) very fussy, she only ever wears anything that's cotton - she even sleeps in cotton bed sheets! So I know that she'd love this item. I prefer to refer to bathrobes as dressing gowns, but I suppose they're the same thing really. Compared to the ones she usually goes for (from Primark - #nothing wrong with Primark either), this would be luxury for her. I know she'd take good care of it, and again it's personalised so it will always be known as hers. 

5. Chill Core 3-in-1 Wine Chiller £16.95 - On the 2nd above post, I stated that my Grandma was a drinker (she's not an alcoholic, she just likes a drink), she's not very steady on her feet, so for her having to keep getting up all the time to refrigerate her wine can be a bit of a worry, especially because it's wine that she's drinking! The 3-in-1 means that prior before drinking, all she needs to do is place it in the freezer to get it cold, she can then put it in her bottle of wine, which will keep it cool longer than it would without, and when you need to pour it, you don't have to take it out! You can even keep it preserved for longer as it acts as a Core. 

I'm not sure which present I'm going to go for, but I will go for one of them for sure as well as a few smaller goodies for her to enjoy. 

If you like these sort of posts, please let me know.