Tuesday, 25 June 2013

50 Random Facts 

About me :) 

  1. I love cows; when I was younger & I'd walk past them or even drive past them (obviously I wasn't driving though) but I would 'Moo' at them, and pretend that I knew them & was one of them. My family always used to say 'ooh Ayla look, it's your other family'. Weirdly enough, I still say 'Hi' to them. 
  2. I hate having sharp nails. My nails are unbelievably short, on my fingers they are probably like a centimeter or two long. I bite them so much, it's such a bad habit but I can't stop... I have tried everything. Also, I hate having long toe nails too. I have tried to keep them long & file them down but I hate the feeling of them when I wear socks. 
  3. I cringe at the sound of fabric rubbing together really harshly. 
  4. My very first memory of my childhood is walking along a wall outside the doctors in a light green jumper with a friend of mine. We was both over the moon because we had the same shoes on. (they was black with a little black flower on them). 
  5. I once through an apple at of my old school friends in my primary school. We fell out, and she walked away from me so I through the apple which I was eating at her head. 
  6. I love my pets more than anything, I once ran a mile across the beach because my dog was scared of the waves and kept running further away, so I chased her all that way, and trust me I do not recommend doing that. 
  7. When I have a bath, I have to make sure the water is just right because if I get into a bath which is too warm then once I get out, I'll faint.
  8. I love love love love chocolate, I struggle to go a day without a bar. 
  9. I loved the English Subject at school. 
  10. I love to make lists although I never ever use them. 
  11. I hate spicy food. 
  12. I can't swim.
  13. Last Christmas I went Ice-Skating with my Boyfriend and within a minute of being on the ice I had an anxiety attack and came straight back off again, my boyfriend was not happy as he had just paid for both of us, and I just walked out without even trying it. 
  14. My dad died when I was 11. 
  15. I have a 'Step family' who I lived with since I was a little girl. There was 6 of us altogether; Me & my real sister, My step sister, & 3 Step brothers, two of those who are twins. 
  16. I'm scared of heights, and spiders. 
  17. I have many a times been to the fair or an amusement park, got on a ride and ending up having to be took of the ride by my mum or a stranger because I was crying that I was scared and couldn't go through with it. 
  18. I have a tattoo on my wrist which says 'Love', the problem is my tattooist did it upside down, & I didn't realize until it was done. 
  19. I've had my ears pierced twice, and took them both out within 8 weeks of having them done. 
  20. I love snow, but I also hate it because it's cold. 
  21. I don't like hot weather, but I hate cold weather but then I also love cold weather, do I even make sense?
  22. I once went to the circus when I was little, and my dad was chosen to do one of the acts. I cried my eyes out at the fact he was leaving me, and I cried even more when I saw what he was apart of. He had to be tied to a board which span round & round whilst people threw knifes at him & sticks that were on fire. He was alright, didn't get hurt but it didn't stop me from screaming the place down in terror haha. 
  23. I really want to start a Youtube Channel but I'm scared no-one will watch me. 
  24. I was bullied badly at school.
  25. I'm 18 soon :) 
  26. I hate animal abuse.
  27. I treat my cats as though they are my own children.
  28. I have never been on a plane. 
  29. I am terrified at the thought of getting on plane. I am obsessed with watching Air Crash Investigation & Seconds till Disaster. 
  30. I smoke, but I really wish I didn't (I'm trying to stop). 
  31. I have a really bad bladder; sorry for the tmi. When I drink, I literally need to pee every 2-3 minutes. 
  32. I once threw up in my boyfriends car, passed out on the pavement, knocked myself unconscious after a really really drunken night out. (I was honestly so hammered) never again. 
  33. I love my boyfriend. 
  34. The first time I met Ryan (my boyfriend) we fell asleep in each other's arms. 
  35. I first fell in love when I was 14 and I was in a 2 year relationship. 
  36. I don't have any piercings. I used to have my nose pierced, my ears pierced & my belly pierced but I hated them so I took them out. 
  37. I have oily hair & skin. 
  38. I am really stupid when it comes to maths. 
  39. I get too wrapped up into the soap life of Eastenders, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks & Emmerdale. 
  40. I want a boob job & Bum implants. 
  41. I hate my eyebrows being done. 
  42. I always seem to miss a spot when I shave my legs, so annoying. 
  43. I had braces for 2 years and they took them out too early, and so my teeth are still damaged :( 
  44. I HATE walking or doing any exercise.
  45. I'm lazy. 
  46. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety and a sleeping disorder. Life SUCKS.
  47. My jaw makes a clicking/cracking sound when I eat/talk. 
  48. I want to die in my sleep surrounded my family when I'm old. 
  49. I love 'The Santa Clause' film from 1994. 
  50. I also love the Cinderella film from 1950.