Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hello again beautiful's :')

Although I am a slim size 10 (only because I have huge hips, otherwise I'd be an 8 -.-), I wanted to dedicate this blog post to the NHS Weight Loss Guide. I'm not stupid and I don't plan on loosing any weight because I don't need too... but my sister on the other hand wants to lose weight, so when I came across this guide, I immediately thought of her and knew she'd be interested in taking part. You can find this guide at http://www.nhs.uk/LiveWell/weight-loss-guide/Pages/weight-loss-guide.aspx

What you do is download all the PDF papers, & print them to make your own guide :') I must admit, there's 50 pages so take my advice & only print the ones needed unless you don't mind printing off 50 pages, but it's up to you really. The guide consists of 12 weeks; containing hints & tips, advice, useful info, activities, food prep and a food and activity chart.
I'll bullet point the things involved for each week, so you can get a better idea of what you'll be doing.

Week 1 - Getting Started

  • Record Weight & Waist Size. 
  • Plan your meals. 
  • Learn about calorie counting. 
  • Sign up to the weight loss forum... 
  • Read part of Laura's diary. 
  • Fill up with Fibre / What foods have Fibre in it? 
  • Food Swaps. 
  • Protein Sources.
  • Portion Distortion. 
  • Recipe Inspiration. 
  • Food and Activity Chart. 
Week 2 
  • Get active. 
  • Download Couch to 5K and Strength & Flex. 
  • Laura's Diary. 
  • Planning. 
  • Calorie Intake. 
  • Walk more with a pedometer. 
  • Exercise Tips & Plans. (links on the site). 
  • Tips to build activity into your day. 
  • Healthier Cooking. 
  • Food and Activity Chart. 
Week 3
  • Boost your breakfast. 
  • Calorie Intake. 
  • 150 mins of exercise a week. 
  • Planning & Recording. 
  • Laura's Diary. 
  • Non-Food Rewards.
  • 10 tips to boost motivation. 
  • How much activity you need a week. 
  • The breakfast hero. 
  • Breakfast Idea's. 
  • Filling Cereals full of Fibre. 
  • Food and Activity Chart.
Week 4
  • Planning. 
  • Calorie Intake. 
  • Easy ways to burn calories. 
  • Laura's Diary. 
  • Workplace Diet Traps. 
  • 100 calorie snacks. 
  • Burn as you go. 
  • Food Cravings / Craving Swaps. 
  • How to stretch properly. 
  • Food and Activity Chart. 
Week 5
  • Track your drinking with app. 
  • Coffee tips / Milk tips.
  • Calorie Intake. 
  • 150 mins of exercise a week.
  • Laura's Diary.
  • Calories in Alcohol. 
  • Drink Swaps. 
  • Think before you drink.
  • Liquid Calories.
  • Lemonade Recipe.
  • Home Cardio Work out.
  • Food and Activity Chart. 
Week 6
  • Laura's Diary.
  • Weight loss pitfalls. 
  • Week 6 MoT test. 
  • Resisting Peer Pressure.
  • Diet-friendly socializing. 
  • Weight loss tips for parents.
  • Food and Activity Chart.
Week 7 
  • 10 minute home toning workout. 
  • Laura's Diary. 
  • Dining Out. 
  • Healthier Side Dishes. 
  • Foreign Food. 
  • Restaurant Tips.
  • Food and Activity Chart.
Week 8 
  • Homemade Salad Ideas. 
  • 30 min lunch time walk. 
  • Laura's Diary. 
  • Eat more Veggies. 
  • 5 a day portion sizes. 
  • Not one of your 5 a day. 
  • Salad Dressings. 
  • Food and Activity Chart.
Week 9 
  • What's your sport tool. 
  • Laura's Diary. 
  • Exercise Ideas. 
  • Burning Calories. 
  • Don't stop advice. 
  • Lower calorie substitutes for snacks. 
  • Fruit Banana Bran Cake Recipe. 
  • Food and Activity Chart. 
Week 10
  • Mood zone advice (follow link on first page). 
  • Laura's Diary. 
  • Tips for Diet Success.
  • How to avoid temptation. 
  • Food Diary. 
  • How to beat comfort eating. 
  • 10 comfort eating triggers. 
  • Non-food comfort fixes. 
  • Legs, Bums and Tums workout. 
  • Food and Activity Chart. 
Week 11
  • Cook a healthy meal for friends/family. 
  • Laura's Diary. 
  • Weight loss plateau.
  • Diet friendly dinner party. 
  • Cooking with Oil. 
  • Ways to get fit for free.
  • Food and Activity Chart.
Week 12 
  • Treat Yourself.
  • Share you success on the weight loss forum. 
  • Laura's Diary. 
  • Keeping the weight off. 
  • Set smart goals. 
  • What should I eat now? 
  • More to lose? 
  • Find a dietitian. 
  • Food and Activity Chart. 
So that's it! Apologies for long post but I thought it would be easier for me to tell you what's in the guide so you have a quick and easy idea as to if you wanted to join in or not. The guide is 99% free but you will have to buy your own ink i'm afraid ;) 

Have fun with this :')