Wednesday, 26 June 2013

For all you animal lovers :)

My babies :) 

For those of you who are animal lovers like myself, you'll be happy to know that this post is 100% dedicated to my own pets as well as previous pets which I have owned in the past. 
I have 4 kitty's & 1 dog at the moment but I have had a life filled with the joys of all sorts of different animals; from birds to ferrets, from hamsters to frogs ect. There were times when my family had to get rid of them for personal reasons, and other times because unfortunately their life was over & they passed away. For anyone who owns pets and loves them as much as I love mine, you should also know that they are apart of your family. I worry about my babies as if they was my actual baby. When they cry, I'm there. When they're hurt, I'm there. When they want a cuddle, I'm there. When they're hungry/thirsty, I'm there. The truth is, I'm always there for them no matter what and I know that they are always there for me.  I can't show you all the pictures from every single animal because sadly I don't have any, but I can show you some pictures of my recent pets, and the ones who live with me now (who by the way, are sat cuddling me as I write this). 

I don't have any pictures of the ferrets, birds, frogs, hamsters or my previous dogs & cats. But I can remember them all in fine detail, so here I will explain :) 
Firstly though I'm going to talk about the ones up above in those pictures, because as you can see they are so adorable. 
My dog; Jess: she's a black & white border collie. She is 10 years old & my family have had her since she was a puppy. I grew up with her, she's apart of me now. Without her, there would be a massive hole in my heart. I love her to the moon & back. She can be very needy though, always wanting to go out, needing lots of water & food and she always wants lots of cuddles! But I don't mind, because without her I'd be lost. I once remember this time, we was at the beach in Skegness and she was chasing the waves. She was really quite scared of them, and because of that she kept running further & further away. I had to chase her miles across the beach to get her. It was quite scary for me actually, I thought I'd lost her because at one point, I couldn't even see her as she was that far away from us. Luckily though I managed to get a helping hand from some guys down at the beach, and she was brought back to me all in one piece :) 
The other dog; Alfie: Interesting story to how I got that little bugger. I was in the town center with my now ex boyfriend, and we had gone for walk along a park close by. As we was walking, we heard some barking coming from an alley way where nobody was. We decided to check it out as it seemed quite strange the fact that nobody really went down there & it was blocked off. As we looked over the fence, we saw this gorgeous black dog, tiny he was, stood there. He was tied up to the fence, with a can of food next to him. It was so sad to think that someone had just left that poor little doggy to fend for himself. I quickly grabbed hold of him, and gave him the biggest cuddle ever. It was really upsetting; I nearly cried. Anyway, we was thinking of taking him to the police station, but what would of been the point? Someone obviously left him there because they didn't want him anymore & they would of only sent him to a animal shelter. I didn't want that and neither did my *now ex boyfriend. We fought over who should have him, but in the end we decided it was best that I was to take him. I rang my mum and she told me not to bring him back, but I refused to listen to her, and brought him home with me anyway... (She wasn't happy). He was so scared on the way home, I didn't have a lead or anything so all I could to was hold him in my arms whilst we traveled home on the bus. The few weeks I spent with him was amazing, but at the time we couldn't afford to have 2 dogs, so I had to give him up. Fortunately, my mum knew someone who would be perfect for him. Now, he's living up on some farm; chasing the chickens I would imagine. I'll never forget him though, and I'll never forget how I saved his life :) 
The white & grey cats: Smiggle and Sugar: I've had the Smiggle & Sugar since they were babies too. Smiggle was the runt of the litter and she was so poorly when she came to live with us... we honestly didn't think she was going to make it through; She had very poorly eyes, and struggled to keep them open most days. I would have to bathe them in warm milk every morning and night to keep them clean. Smiggle is originally my cat. Sugar is my sister's cat. They are both sisters, as you can probably tell. Smiggle has always been very naughty; if she doesn't get her way or if you aren't giving her enough attention she will make herself known. She'll see something on the side, jump up and push it off onto the floor. It doesn't matter what it is, whether it's your phone or an ornament she'll just push it off with her paw, and when you look at her she'll put her head up at you and then walk away and do it again. As you can see in one of the pictures, she's grabbing my food off my plate. She'll do this often. I'll look away for a split second and when I turn back and look at my plate, half my food will be gone. Sugar on the other hand, has always been very posh and stuck up. She's a quiet cat and loves cuddles. She also 'suckles' a lot on dressing gowns. She's been doing it since she was a baby, and she's never really grown out of it. She loves the outside, and is out probably 99.9% of the time. (I make sure all of my cats are in at night, because they hate being out at night... weird? I think so!) 
The black, orange & white cat; Nala: This little beauty is one our most baby-like cats. She's very much a baby, she doesn't meow at all. She makes a screaming/crying sound instead (like a baby). When she first came to us, as a kitten... My sister would rock her to sleep like a baby whilst she played lullabies to her, and I know for a fact that her favorite was the 'Goodbye' song from the show 'Bear in the big blue house'... because it still sends her to sleep now! Nala likes to be on her own a lot of the time, you'll often find her in the kitchen playing with her little football, kicking it around and she often makes noises whilst doing so. She can't jump properly yet either, not like our other cats. She enjoys the outside, but not as much as she should (as she is a cat after all). She only seems to stay on the back garden, and doesn't really leave the area. Still, she loves her cuddles just like the rest of them do :)
The black & white cat; Marnie: Marnie is a tiny cat, she still very much looks like a kitten due to her size. She isn't going to grow anymore, which to me is great because she'll never stop being a kitten. She's very naughty, and quite rough. The neighbors have had to bring her back home plenty of times because they've caught her in their house eating their food. She's very skinny too, and I'm sure if you saw her you'd probably be thinking that we starve her! But we don't, if anything she eats more than the other cats. She's a very cuddly cat, probably the cuddliest of them all. She plays with our hair a lot, nudging her little love-heart shaped nose against my hair. She will literally put her arms around my neck and hug me. I've never felt/seen anything like it before. She can't meow properly either, but it doesn't stop her from getting most of the attention! 
The parrot; Grey: Grey was our much loved Parrot, unfortunately we was made to give him up due to moving house and there not being enough room :(.  He was a lovely chirpy Parrot, very lively. He loved being out of his cage, and flying around the house... He was obsessed with Smiggle and would quite often shout her name. They got on like a house on fire. He was pretty amazing, we even got him to swear at people. I miss him dearly, and would have him back in the click of a finger if I could.

The rest of our animals; who we've either given up for personal reason or who have died (r.i.p) were all amazing in their own little way. I had 3 fire bellied frogs; Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla (I was a kid at the time, excuse the names). At the time though, I didn't realize they was actually toxic, but it never bothered me. Sadly they died after a few months, I never knew why but I guess it was just one of those things. I buried them in my then back garden. (I live somewhere else now). My ferrets, I had these when I was born up until I was a toddler, they died too. There was mine; Spindle & my sisters; Munch
I don't remember much about them, except I loved them so much when I had them & I would play with them a lot. 
When I was younger, I also had 2 other cats; Ran-bow & Bishop. I loved them both the same, but I was more close to Bishop than I was Ran-bow.  Ran-bow went days without coming back, until we realized that he was in fact going away to die (because apparently some cats actually do that). I thought he had died until he randomly came back one early morning, I grabbed him and brought him inside where he died peacefully with his family around him. 
Bishop died because she went under a car, petrol had somehow dripped onto her fur, and she'd licked it. She had to be put down, and it was so emotional & upsetting for me, because I loved her so much. When I was born, I also had 2 Cockatoo's but I don't remember much about them, so I can't really talk about them. I've had many dogs over the years. My dad's dog Brew was my first dog from when I was born. He was my dad's best friend, and mine too. Then I had Fly, he was a gorgeous border collie too. He actually had a puppy with Jess. (only one puppy though, strange right?) The puppy was called Faye. We gave him up so he could have a better life with other people who would be able to walk him every day, and take him up onto the fields. I still see him now though, and he looks very happy. Then we had Buster, he was deaf & blind which also meant he was extremely clumsy. He was so funny though; he'd walk up the stairs, fall down them and then walk back up again. It was hilarious to watch, as he just kept getting back up as if nothing was wrong. When we walked him, we'd let him off the lead and he'd just bump into everything, he was such a cutie. Then we had Harry, he was a black & brown Jack Russell. He very sadly got hit by a train. There was an embankment at the bottom of our garden, and one day he escaped through the fence and got down on to the track, minutes later a train went by, and my step dad had to go on to the railway line to fetch him. We also buried him in our garden. 
Sally was the dog that lived with us when my mum got a new partner. She originally lived with them, but soon we came apart of that family too and so Sally became apart of ours. She was old though, and died years later. She is another dog to be buried in our then back garden. I think that's it for pets, but I can't quite remember? Oh yes, we had 2 hamsters too! & my older step brothers had lizards but there isn't much to tell about those.

I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry for it to be a long one.