Monday, 3 June 2013

Hello beautiful's. 

I'm super bored right now, so I've decided to pop on here and write a 'review' as such about Tattoo's. I personally like them, I don't love them but then again I don't hate them either. It's nice to have a few tattoo's, nothing big, just something small that actually means something. I have one on my left wrist; I got this when I was 16, I did have parent consent although I don't think you're actually legally allowed to have one until you're 18 in the UK. (but I'm not sure, so don't take my word for it). I wanted something that meant something to me, I mean if you're going to scar your body which will always be on your skin for the rest of your life, what's better than having something which means something right? 

My mum can be quite strict when she wants to be, and so it took a lot of begging and sucking up to her to finally get the answer I was looking for. She agreed on the condition that it was small, and nothing big or on show that would possibly ruin my chances of employment. I agreed to this condition and so I took to the internet to find my first tattoo. I won't lie, there is so many to choose from. Some of them are brilliant, and some of them are damn right awful... but after months of searching for the perfect tattoo, I finally found one which my heart clung too. It was a simple 'love' word on my wrist, really tiny but in the most beautiful font. I loved it from the first day I clicked eyes on it, and still to this day I love it. One problem though; my tattoo turned out like nothing compared to the picture. 

                                                    The tattoo I wanted. 

In fact it's horrendous and I honestly 100% regret having it done. The problem was the tattooist wasn't a professional... he was just some guy that my mum knew. He wasn't licensed either which makes things worse but of course I didn't know that at the time, although with me being 16 I honestly don't think my feelings for wanting one would change, and therefore I would of probably gone through with it regardless. 

My tattoo is situated around the same place as the picture above, on my left wrist. The font is nothing like the one in the picture, it's not as small as the one in the picture and to make things even worse for me, it's upside down. So for people to have a proper good view at it, I have to prop my arm up in a strange way which actually kind of hurts. 

When I went to get this done, I was so nervous understandably as this was my first tattoo, and I'm not the biggest fan of pain. In fact I cried when I got my belly, ears & nose pierced... so this was the biggest thing I was letting myself into, but I did it. I manned up and honestly the pain wasn't even that bad. It hurt a bit over the bone (or is it a vein, not sure?) but it was just like a scratch, nothing seriously painful that would put me off having another tat.

I feel that the worst thing about the whole experience was the fact that I mainly felt pressured into it. Not the tattoo because I did want that done, but the whole designing it and what not. I tried to stand my ground as much as I could but to be honest I just wanted it all to be over as quick as possible, so I said yes to any font, I didn't get a say in the size & I was begged my the tattooist as well as my mate to have it done upside down.  I don't know what even came over me to agree to that because now I'm stuck with it for life, but I must of been high on panic because at the time I didn't even realize that it was upside down, it was only a few days later that I actually realized what a huge mess it looked. 

Love means a lot to me; I love my family, my friends, my partner, my pets, my food, my make up ect. In fact I love most things in life, and so I felt that this would somehow show people that I do believe in love. 

                  Sorry about the lighting, my camera was dodgy & so I had to edit it to make it brighter.

My honest opinion? Don't have a tattoo until you're at least 18. Make sure you think about exactly what you want and where you want it. Stand your ground with your views because after all it is going on your body. Tell the tattooist exactly what you want and don't let them do it any different to what you asked for. Always make sure that the tattooist is licensed and knows what they're doing, and don't get something in the mere split of a second because you will regret it at some point. If you're scared of pain or don't like pain, but still want a tattoo, go for something simple & small & also keep it away from any bones because the pain will be worse over the bone. I actually want another one, but I'm going to wait until at least my 18th for my next one, and I'm going to be proper about the next one and not be pressured into something I'm not comfortable with. Of course, I don't want them all over my body because I personally don't find that attractive & neither does my partner, but I'd like a few small ones here and there... the only thing I'm dreading now though, is what they're going to look like when I'm an old woman.