Monday, 24 June 2013

50 Date Night Ideas

You're young, broke and madly in love. You've gone through the "Honeymoon stage" of your relationship (for those who don't know, it's the first 6 or so months of being really happy, with no problems). You're bored and you find yourself arguing with your partner all the time. You have no money, there's nothing to do and you spend your days in watching the same old boring TV shows that you've seen a thousand times before. You think to yourself that maybe the relationship is over? There's nothing left to fight for? Well, if you love your partner then you're wrong. How else do you think people get to that 50th anniversary? Do you really think that they would of gone 50 years with no arguing or problems? I have done as much Google-ing as anyone could possibly do these past few months as to what the hell I am supposed to do in this situation, and the only thing that keeps coming back to mind is 'Date Night'. Now you have all heard of going on dates, am I correct? So who's to say that you can't go on a date with your partner? I have so many idea's as to what you could do to help salvage your relationship. If you look online, you'll find plenty of idea's but mainly to those who are married, with kids in their own house. For people like me who are still young, living at home with no kids it's quite tricky to find helpful idea's as to what me and my boyfriend should spend our weekends together doing. So here's a small (actually quite large) list of things to do that's either really cheap, free or just those nights that you have to save up for. Hope you enjoy :) 

  1. Fondue; grab some fruit and marshmallows, melt some chocolate in a bowl and dip your snacks in chocolate. 
  2. Baking; Create your own recipe book of all the things you'd like to bake & ask your other half to do the same, pick one at random and bake it together. 
  3. Get some Dance lessons from Youtube and try them out together. You never know, you might actually be good at it. 
  4. Make your own little garden; Buy some plant seeds or some fruit/veg seeds and grow your own. 
  5. Still have those board games from when you was younger? Get them out, and play together. 
  6. Have a picnic & if the weather is rubbish, do it inside instead. Nothing beats a romantic picnic on your living room floor. 
  7. Go star gazing; take blankets & some midnight snacks and spend a few hours staring into the sky, you might even see a shooting star. 
  8. Play Mini Golf. 
  9. Dinner & Movie "He Picks" & Dinner & Movie "She Picks". 
  10. Make your own pizza and then enjoy eating it. 
  11. Each of you write down 5-10 things that you like to do by yourself (don't be rude now), put them all into a jar/bowl and pick one out at random, then do it together. 
  12. As it gets to Halloween, have a competition as to who's carved the best pumpkin. 
  13. Go to see a play or pantomime. 
  14. Have a "crazy dinner"; Each person gets £5 each (or whatever amount you decide on) to spend on any food item of your choice. Put each of your choices together and make a meal out of the food you have brought, who knows what you might end up with?!
  15. Go to a car boot sale and see what weird stuff you can find, you never know though some of it might even be worth a lot of money. 
  16. Go on a bike ride.
  17. Go bowling.
  18. Theme night; center everything around your chosen theme... the food, the dress code, the language, the decor, the films, the music ect
  19. Take a pottery class.
  20. Make your man get his feminine side out by having a spa night for the both of you.
  21. Exercise together.
  22. Cook a meal that you've never tried before, together.
  23. Play "would you rather...?" < some idea's for you.
  24. Forget cheese tasting night, have a chocolate tasting night instead! 
  25. Give each other massages. 
  26. Have a finger foods date only, and feed each other food. 
  27. Decorate mugs for each other; Buy plain mugs on amazon & use sharpie's to design your own. 
  28. Have a video game night, your boyfriend will love you so much more.
  29. If it's snowing outside, make a snowman or have a snowball fight. 
  30. Play Guitar Hero together.
  31. Go rock climbing. 
  32. Go to a theme park.
  33. Go hiking.
  34. Go Rollerblading or Ice skating. 
  35. Go camping or make a little camp site in your bedroom/living room. 
  36. Have a tennis match. 
  37. Go paint balling. 
  38. Volunteer at a charity event or soup kitchen. 
  39. Go sledging. 
  40. Have a movie marathon. One day it can be your choice, the next it can be his. 
  41. Watch the Sunrise. 
  42. Go to a park & act like kids again. 
  43. Go fishing together.
  44. This isn't really a date but every day each of you have to tell your other half one reason as to why you love them.
  45. Build your own little love shack in your bedroom. Decorate the walls and the bed, and make it a night to remember ;) 
  46. Have a black out! Cover the room in candles or safety candles and tell spooky stories in the dark. 
  47. Role Playing; act out different scenes from different movies or dress up & have fun ;) 
  48. Take the dogs for a walk. 
  49. Go swimming.
  50. Go to the arcade or to the local fair or carnival. 
So there it is, 50 ideas. If you still feel like it's the end of your relationship after trying these out, then well maybe it is, but don't give up without trying first otherwise you might always regret it.