Sunday, 30 June 2013

Youtube Favorites!

YOURtube Favorites

No, I haven't misspelled Youtube. I'm interested in finding out what everyone else's favorite Youtube channels are. I know mine, but I'm always eager to find out what other people watch. I'm mostly interested in the Beauty related channels, but recently I've been watching Cooking video's & DIY video's as well as the Vlog Channels of my favorite Youtubers. It's great to know what other people get up to in the day, as well as what they eat, and what they put on their face. It might seem strange to some people, but for us ones that do watch them it's a fun way to get to know other people around the world. I will give you my list on my favorite channels, whilst also giving you a bit of information on why I like them and why I watch them. Warning!!! - I have quite a lot of Favorites but the top one is my all time favorite. 

  • Shaaanxo - Shannon Harris from New Zealand is my favorite (of all time) Youtube Guru. Her video's include beauty related topics such as make up tutorials, hauls, reviews, GRWM video's, Make up challenge's & so much more. They also include fashion video's, and OOTDs. I think she's such a beautiful down to earth girl. Her video's are amazing, and I'm so glad I started following her. She posts a new video every other day at 2pm New Zealand time which I think is a good way of keeping up to date. You can also check her out on her Vlog channel: Shaaanxo Vlogs. On this channel she provides her subscribers with Cooking video's, Follow me around video's, and anything else that is not beauty related. She's recently signed up to a RF Living Well programme  in which she'll be showing video's to do with Health & Fitness as well as more healthy cooking video's. You can also see her briefly in her boyfriend's video's as he has his own channel too :) She has an adorable little poochie called Zeus and often you'll see him in her vlog video's. 
  • Macbarbie07 - Bethany Mota from California is my type of girl, yet probably a little more hyper than me. Her video's provide us with information about her hair, make up, fashion, essentials, DIY projects, and basically anything that she loves, and we love them too! Just like Shannon, she's beautiful. She has no imperfections although I have noticed that one of her eyebrows is higher than the other, tell me that I'm seeing things? But that is not an imperfection. She's very child-like in her own way, not in a bad way at all because I'm just like her, but she's hyper in pretty much all of her video's, quite loud and very bubbly.  She also has a Vlog Channel although she doesn't tend to post video's on that channel that often, which is quite sad but not sad enough that I don't follow :) The random life of Bethany! - This includes follow me around video's, baking video's & anything not related to her main channel. 
  • AprilAthena7 - Literally just the other day I came across this girl, and already she's one of my favorites. Mad right? Her video's included in this channel are beauty related, DIY projects, tutorials, reviews, fashion related, monthly faves, hauls and so much more. To get a full blown idea of what she does, check out her channel. She also has a Cooking Channel, and a vlog channel in which she shares with her husband. He also has a channel. Her cooking channel is COOKwithApril & her Vlog Channel is AprilJustinTV. For this interested her husband's channel is AdviceFromJustin. Her Cooking Channel involves baking and meal cooking, whilst her shared vlog channel involves what she & her husband get up to on a daily basis as well as every Wednesday when they post WWK video's (Watcha Wanna Know Wednesday). If you love DIY video's, as well as beauty then I definitely suggest checking this girl out. 
  • missglamorazzi - Ingrid Nilsen from Los Angeles, CA is also a beauty related guru as well as doing the odd GIY (Glam it yourself = Do it yourself) project. In a way she's a much prettier version of me, like me she has oily skin & hair, and so I often find myself buying products that she herself uses. She has a snuggly kitty called Nugget (who looks so cuddly). Her video's include hauls, GRWM video's, Monthly faves, Reviews, Tags, and more. She also has a vlog channel: TheGridMonster Like other vlog channels this includes anything that isn't beauty related & also baking video's. She has a lot of video's with Luke who is now her ex boyfriend... just thought I'd clear that up before anyone gets confused whilst watching 'the boyfriend tag'. 
  • Carlibel55 - Carli Bybel from New Jersey is a Kardashian Look a Like. She is absolutely gorgeous, she is defiantly the type of girl I dream of looking like. She's perfect with & without make up, no imperfections whatsoever. She has a hunky boyfriend and a gorgeous closet. Honestly, her shoe collection is to die for. I can't even explain how amazing video's are. You need to check her out in order to find out for yourself. She also has a second channel for anyone that is interested, although it's not often that she posts video's on there. The Inner Beauty Bybel. 
  • Andrea's Choice - Andrea Brooks from California Mainly does DIY video's (which is what I'm interested in) but also a few beauty video's. I have to say, and I don't mean to be creepy but her voice is so soft and soothing, listen to her... You'll agree. She does the most amazing DIY tutorials and it's so easy to follow with her step by step instructions. I have also noticed that most of the stuff she buys for her projects are found on Amazon, so if you live abroad like me (I live in England) then it's easy to find the exact copy of what she's using. She does have a second channel but I'm not a subscriber as she hasn't uploaded a new video in over a year, so I don't find the point in following her on that channel. 
  • DailyMix - DailyMix is a beauty and makeover channel featuring celebrity make up looks, how to videos and challenges between Jim & Zoella. The hosts of this channel features some of the most popular guru's on Youtube in the UK. That includes: Pixiwoo, Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman, A model Recommends, Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter, and many many more. The channel gives the subscribers a chance to have a make over done by one of the selected make up artists. There's also a chance to sit and watch celebrity interviews and involve yourself in the fantastic giveaways. This channel is a must. It's almost like a TV show, yet it's aired online & not on television. 
  • Sprinkle Of Glitter - Louise from London is a 25 year old mother, who's married and is a lover of anything glittery. (I'm not joking), but as side from her love of glitter she is also a fantastic beauty guru on Youtube which makes her one of the most popular in the UK. I love how bubbly her personality is and how she doesn't care about what other people think about her, which is never anything bad because like I said she's fantastic. She's a bit on the random side, very out going I'd say. Most of her video's are beauty related but there's times when she uploads none beauty related video's, not that I'm complaining because she's great in all her video's. If you go back to her oldest video's you'll be able to see her pregnancy updates. I think that's amazing how she was able to share her journey to whole of Youtube. Now, 2 years on her gorgeous little girl Darcy is the spit image of Louise and to make things even better she's often seen in Louise's video's & vlogs! Which reminds me, Louise has a vlog channel - Sprinkle Of Chatter. 
  • Zoella - Zoe, 22 from London is one of Louise's best friends, her 'chummy'. I wasn't that keen on her at first, but once I'd watched a few of her video's I became addicted. Her video's range from beauty related to her own personal video's, and she's recently filmed her most requested video which is her 'Everyday Make up routine'. I must say, she's pretty gorgeous without make up. She hasn't got perfect skin, but it's perfect enough for me. I would love to have skin like hers. Instead I'm always breaking out, have tons of freckles and it's always red! cry cry. Zoe also has a vlog channel - MoreZoella. This channel includes everything none beauty related & follow me rounds which include some great trips abroad and to special events in which she get's the pleasure of going too. Zoe is such a bubbly person, she can come off as shy sometimes but that usually gets pushed to the back of her mind as her real personality shines through. I'm very proud of her actually, as she's said plenty of times that she suffers with panic attacks. For her to make something of herself in such a 'famous' way whilst suffering with anxiety, I'd say that was pretty damn cool.
I follow so many more people but I have to say, these are my top favorites. Other favorites include: Tanya burr, Fleurdeforce, Laurenbeautyy, Saturdaynightsalrite, Dollybowbow, Stilababe09, Thatsheart and Beauty Crush but for me to write about all of these would take ages and I don't want to bore you! Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' and I'll speak to you soon.