Sunday, 16 February 2014

Competition Wins!

Competition Wins

I've recently found a new hobby and I have to admit that first off I was a bit wary about the whole thing... But after coming away with a few prizes and can now honestly say, that I am addicted. 

I haven't won many prizes, but coming from someone who hasn't won anything in her life except 1 Easter egg in Primary School, I'm very chuffed with how things have gone so far and so there's no looking back now. 

I enter competitions all over Facebook and Twitter as I find these are the best places to win them. It's also really easy to do so on these websites. 
On Twitter, the majority of the time all you have to do is "Follow & Retweet" & on Facebook, again the majority of the time all you have to do is "like the page, share the post or enter your name and email address". It's as simple as that! 

These are the prizes that I've won so far! :) 

60 sachets of cat food from Almo Nature

A Wax Miracles car freshener from Wax Miracles

A Hello Kitty Necklace from UKDailyDealz

I've also won 2 tickets to Race Retro 2014 (which haven't arrived yet as I only won them last week) and 8 free passes to Paint Balling!

So as you can see, it's not a lot but it's certainly a start and I can't wait to win more prizes! :)

Have you ever won anything, if so... what? I'd love to know!