Wednesday, 5 February 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days

Hi lovelies! 

So I recently came across a blog which inspired me to do the "101 Things in 1001 Days" Challenge. I never would of thought of doing something like this, because to be fair I'm completely rubbish at sticking to things. But seeing as though I've got 1001 days to do it all in, I thought "why not?". This will be from 6th Feb 2014 - 2nd November 2016. 
I've got a lot of things I'd like to do in that amount of time, so here they are: 

  1. Learn to drive.
  2. Go on a road trip. 
  3. Go to Disneyland.
  4. Go Zip-lining (I'm scared of heights, so this will be fun, right?).
  5. Learn to swim (yes that's right, I can't swim). 
  6. Go abroad somewhere...
  7. Take cute pictures in a photo booth with my man.
  8. Leave college and get a job.
  9. Go to a spa. 
  10. Make lemonade.
  11. Be in two places at once.
  12. Move out of my mum's house.
  13. Have the perfect summer body.
  14. Meet a celebrity.
  15. Get another tattoo.
  16. Mini - Golfing. 
  17. Go on a hike.
  18. Go bike riding with my boyfriend.
  19. Wash my boyfriend's car... in a bikini. 
  20. Cook a 3 course meal. 
  21. Have a successful blog. 
  22. Start a Youtube Channel. 
  23. Over come my anxiety & depression.
  24. Make a scrapbook. 
  25. Do the whole 'Message in a bottle' Thing. 
  26. Kiss someone under a mistletoe.
  27. Go camping.
  28. Own a nice camera. 
  29. Grow long nails. 
  30. Have a large shoe collection.
  31. Write a letter to my future self. 
  32. Volunteer at a animal shelter. 
  33. Ombre my hair. 
  34. Go to a really expensive hotel with a 'Jacuzzi Bathtub'.
  35. Have a game of Naked Twister with my man ;) 
  36. Go to a museum. 
  37. Learn to slow dance.
  38. Have a make over done at a make up stand.
  39. Go sledging. 
  40. Go to church at least once. 
  41. Tie a message to a balloon and let it go. 
  42. Have a best friend.
  43. Me and my boyfriend write each other love letters. 
  44. Make S'mores.
  45. Make a gingerbread house.
  46. Read 10 books.
  47. Make a bucket list for myself & Ryan (my boyfriend).
  48. Go for a Couple Photo - Shoot. 
  49. Complete a 30 day picture challenge on Instagram.
  50. Take a cooking class.
  51. Do something crazy.
  52. Blog everyday for one month. 
  53. Go to a car boot.
  54. Do something crafty once a month.
  55. Get a spray tan. 
  56. Go wine tasting.
  57. Try archery. 
  58. Go on a fitness jog. 
  59. Make a cake every weekend for a month. 
  60. Donate blood.
  61. Get a full body chocolate wrap. 
  62. Spend Christmas Day at a homeless shelter helping out. 
  63. Fly a kite.
  64. Don't eat chocolate for a month.
  65. Go star gazing. 
  66. Get really tanned (by the sun only).
  67. Attach a lock to a love bridge. 
  68. Bake someone a Birthday Cake.
  69. Don't say anything "rude or dirty" for a week ;) 
  70. Run a mile. 
  71. Buy something really expensive. 
  72. Dress up on Halloween.
  73. Visit a place that's been filmed in a movie. 
  74. Watch all of the Harry Potter Films without falling asleep lol. 
  75. Have an inside picnic.
  76. Go on a surprise getaway. 
  77. Grow my own fruit/vegetables.
  78. Go blackberry picking.
  79. Have a cold shower.
  80. Go to a carnival. 
  81. Go to all the attractions in London. 
  82. Go to a drive in movie. 
  83. Go to a beach.
  84. See a shooting star.
  85. Watch 101 Movies. 
  86. Make new friends.
  87. Make my boyfriend breakfast in bed. 
  88. Go to a wedding. 
  89. Not go on social media for 24 hours. 
  90. Try pole dancing. 
  91. Buy my boyfriend tickets for Top Gear Live. 
  92. Make Cocktails.
  93. Host a Ann Summers Party. 
  94. Watch a Sunset. 
  95. Watch a Sunrise. 
  96. Go on holiday with my boyfriend. 
  97. Be a tourist for a day. 
  98. Pay for a strangers meal. 
  99. Make my own Recipe Book.
  100. Send a postcard. 
  101. Make another list. 
There we have it then! 101 things to do in 1001 days! Wish me luck :p