Tuesday, 11 February 2014

DIY Valentine's Day Gift for HIM

D.I.Y Valentine's Day Gift for HIM 

Valentine's Day is a special day to be thankful for the loved on in your life; Your partner, your soul mate, the love of your life. I personally think that Valentine's Day is made for a woman. I mean, what man loves hearts and flowers and all of that cringy stuff that comes along with it? This is why I've come up with a easy yet 'romantic' present for your man. The best part is that it's personalized and it's inexpensive. 

Make up a booklet of love coupons. You can find templates on Google Images. I used this one... 
I used Pic Monkey to edit it. Instead of printing them off blank, I typed up the words using the editing site. I also darkened the colors. 

Here's some ideas as to what to put on the coupons. 

  1. Lunch date 
  2. A big kiss
  3. Movie night 
  4. Breakfast in bed
  5. Candle lit dinner 
  6. A big cuddle
  7. A night on the town 
  8. Romantic Dinner 
  9. Date to the cinema 
  10. 1/2 hour massage 
  11. Date to watch a sports game 
  12. You win one fight
  13. 1 day to do anything you want 
  14. One blowjob 
  15. I'll be your servant for a day 
  16. Drop everything and make love to you 
  17. Free car wash
  18. I'll make your dinner - Naked
  19. 30 minutes of cuddling 
  20. A weekend getaway 
  21. A session of truth or dare
  22. Game Night 
  23. Dessert for two 
  24. 24 hours of no arguments - no matter what 
  25. A kiss and make up session 
  26. One get out of the dog house - free
  27. Free access to the remote control all night 
  28. New lingerie for me but you can pick it out 
  29. 1 evening at a hotel 
  30. 1 activity of your choice
  31. Favorite home made dinner of your choice
  32. 1 full body massage 
  33. Night in - Movies and Take out 
  34. Car wash 
  35. 1 Sexual Favor
  36. Tea/Coffee 
  37. Nap time 
  38. A free night to play video games
  39. A hot steamy shower 
  40. A bubble bath run by me 
  41. Head massage
  42. Role playing
  43. Lap Dance
  44. Strip Tease
  45. 1 Sexual Fantasy fulfilled
  46. Dress up in the bedroom 
  47. Something (he) wants - Anywhere Anytime 
  48. A whole day of cuddles
  49. I'll play on video games with you 
  50. Any sex position 
50 Ideas for you to put on the coupons :) 
You can change them if you wish... the whole point of this gift is that it's personalized by you. You can put anything you want on those coupons.
I think this is the perfect gift for a man considering that most things on the coupons are things that he likes to do. 

Have a great day :) 
I'm sure he'll appreciate this gift!