Thursday, 2 January 2014

Beyonce Heat Gift Set 30ml Perfume + Body Lotion 75ml + Shower Gel 75ml Review

Beyonce Heat Gift Set 30ml Perfume + Body Lotion 75ml + Shower Gel 75ml Review

So the Beyonce Heat Perfume has been on my wishlist for a while. Every morning before college, I would go in to Boots and test it out. I say test it out, I'd spray it all over me because I just loved the smell that much. Recently me and my boyfriend Ryan went to Nottingham for a Christmas Shopping trip. As we stepped in to Superdrug... there it was. The Beyonce Heat Perfume, and the best part? It was on sale. At £23 a bottle when the actual price was £29. I didn't have to beg much for it, as my boyfriend could tell that I wanted it. As we went to pay for it, the check out lady told us that there was a gift set that we could buy instead. This included a Body Lotion and a Shower Gel as well as the Perfume itself, although the bottle was smaller (30ml) I didn't mind because at the end of the day, the whole set was cheaper than the perfume alone. Ryan ended up paying just £19 for the whole set. So I was obviously really chuffed about that, and so was he! 

Image off Google (I forgot to take a picture of it)

The box itself was nicely made. It was like a red snakeskin kind of feel and you could see all of the products clearly inside the box. I'll admit, although nicely made it did look a bit cheap for Beyonce. But that didn't bother me, as I'd be throwing away the box once opened. As you can tell, the color theme is Red, Black and Gold. In my opinion these colors made it look so sexy and daring. 

Apologies for the quality, my camera is rubbish!
As I took the products out of the box, I could instantly smell the fragrance. This is where I started to get excited, but I'll talk about the smell in a minute. Again the packaging was nicely done. Gold, Red and Black burst through my eyes, with Red taking center stage. The perfume bottle was quite small, and I was a little disappointed that I didn't get the bigger bottle when I had the chance. I quickly made myself a little bath, so I could try out my new body wash and body lotion as I was eager to see if it was worth the money. 

Pearl Exfoliating Shower Gel 75ml 
I was highly amused by the name of the gel as it states that it's a exfoliating gel. I wasn't sure at that time what 'pearl' meant but I was eager to find out. The pearl meant that inside the shower gel was tiny little micro balls of exfoliating beads as you may call them. They also came in little red ones, although you'd be lucky to get a red one. It took me a while. I'd say that any skin would be able to take on the exfoliating gel as it wasn't that exfoliating. I mean you can tell a little bit, but not that much at all. The smell is nice, it's like a sweet yet dark kind of fragrance but over all the smell doesn't stay on for long and so I don't feel that it's a good shower gel. 

You can see the tiny beads inside the shower gel, but no red ones I'm afraid. 
Next, the body lotion. This obviously had the same smell as the Shower gel. Sweet yet dark. The body lotion wasn't exactly moisturizing on my skin, I feel that it could of been better. It was a pale white color, and it dried out really quick which I guess is a good thing for some people but I prefer it to sink it properly rather than just dry out in the same spot. It doesn't spread easily but the good thing is that it does spread! 

Moving on to the perfume, like I said before I was a little disappointed by the size but for the price and what I got for it, I can't really complain. The bottle is nicely made, I'm quite fond of the shape, although I'm sure that if it was more square then a lot more would fit inside of it. The lid feels more like plastic than glass, which also makes it look cheap. I like how the bottom of the bottle is red, that's a nice ombre look. The smell of the perfume is again like the Shower gel and the Body lotion but it's got a hint of something else. Spice. It's a sweet, dark yet spicy smell. It's a very sensual smell, something I would definitely wear out on a night out or a date night. My boyfriend loves the smell of it, so that's always a bonus. You don't need much to get a swift of the smell as with all perfumes, too much can be a bit sickly. 

Again, sorry for the quality. 
So over all, it's a lovely perfume. Doesn't last as long as I'd hoped. The body lotion and shower gel aren't as great as I thought they would be, but I don't regret my decision in buying it because over all the faults, I still love the smell and I will still wear it every other day or night. £19 for the set, I would say that's a bit of a rip off considering the quality of the products. £23 for the perfume alone? I'd also say that was a bit steep, but I'd gladly buy it if it was on sale again.

Have you tried the Beyonce Heat Perfume? Did you like it? Comment below and let me know :)