Thursday, 2 January 2014

Tortilla Pizza

Tortilla Pizza

Two recipe's in one day, aren't you all lucky. This one is another easy recipe and it doesn't take that long at all. The best part is, it can be made to your personal preference and it can be healthy too. So ditch those greasy pizza's from the take away's or the shop, put on your apron and let's get cooking! 

  1. Tortilla wraps
  2. Pasta Sauce or Tomato Paste
  3. Vegetables of your choice. I chose spinach, baby tomatoes and red peppers. 
  4. Cheese, any kind. I chose 2 different kinds, cheddar and mature. Grated.
  5. Any kind of meat, I used Sausage.  
Step 1
Take our your Tortilla wrap and place it on to a pan or pizza pan. Smother on some Pasta Sauce or Tomato Paste. I used Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce because I didn't have any Tomato Paste in, but it's personal preference. I found it easier to dip a spoon in to the sauce and smother it with the back of the spoon. 

Step 2
Chop up your vegetables and arrange them in which ever pattern you want them to be in. Be creative! 

Step 3
Sprinkle the cheese all over the pizza, depending on how much you want on it. 

Step 4
Place the pan (with the pizza on it) into the oven. I put mine on Gas mark 6 (that's 400 in Fahrenheit, 200 in Celsius). 

Step 5 
I left it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes, but kept checking it in between. Again, personal preference. You can keep it in for longer if you want it to be over cooked, or less time if you want it to be under cooked.  

Step 6
Whilst that is the oven cooking, you want to take 1 sausage and chop it up in to small slices, place them in to a pan with some oil and fry it on medium/low heat until nearly golden brown. You can then take the pizza out of the oven and place the sausage pieces over the pizza and pop back in the oven to finish off. 

Step 7
Garnish it with what ever you fancy, I just used a hint of salt and pepper. Serve and Enjoy! 

The taste is very different from your normal pizza. Especially with the pasta sauce because of the basil and the spices. You must give it a try! It's delicious. It's very filling too, compared to normal sized pizza's which I usually have, this fills me up way more than those do.