Sunday, 12 January 2014

Mark Hill - Gorgeous Brunette Review

Mark Hill - Gorgeous Brunette Review

"Make it dark, make it rich, make it shine!" 

£5.00 was £10.00 from Boots 
This lovely set was brought for me by my step sister for Christmas recently. I wasn't entirely sure about it, as I don't usually go for gift sets for your hair. But my god, I'm blown away by the outcome of this and will be repurchasing again and again and again. This is a 4 piece set which includes a shampoo, a conditioner, an anti humidity spray and a hairspray. 

Shampoo and Conditioner 
As you can see, the design on the bottles are beautifully done. Leopard print is my guilty pleasure. I just love it! Some people can find it tacky and cheap, and I'll admit there's some stuff that I really don't like but this is not one them. These bottles are gorgeous! The shampoo is called 'Shine Enhancing Shampoo' and the Conditioner is called 'Highlight Reflecting Conditioner'. Now I've always struggled in finding the right hair products for my hair. I have thin hair, I have thick hair, I have oily hair, I have dry ends, I have split ends, it's very confusing and it's very annoying. But one things for sure is that from my scalp and towards the middle of my hair, it's always very oily. I was obviously very wary about trying shine enhancing products because it's usually shine products that make my hair look more oily than it is. I didn't hesitate to try it though and on Christmas Day, I ran myself a lovely hot bath and used these bad boys on my hair! 

The picture above is what the Shampoo looks like when applied to the hand. It drips easily, and it's like a sort of brown colour. It isn't sticky though, which is great because I hate sticky products. It's very easy to lather up. You can't feel a great difference in the hair after using just the shampoo though, which is a let down if you don't use conditioner. Me though, I have to use conditioner to make sure my hair doesn't get knotty. So this is where I talk about the Conditioner. 

The picture shows that the conditioner is a very unsatisfying brown colour, but on the up side it has little shimmers of gold inside of it. A lot of the product does come out when needed which can be a bit of drag if you don't need that much. Again, it's not sticky and very easy to lather up in to the hair. My hair is quite long, so I do need about 2-3 pumps of it. It smells absolutely gorgeous. I can't really explain the smell. I'm not really good with smells. But at £5 for the set you can easily smell it for yourself! 
Just rub it through your hair, especially your roots and rinse with cold water. Cold water makes your hair feel even more soft than it would if you did it with warm water.

Anti-Humidity Shine Spray & Fabulous Finish Hairspray
I wasn't as worried about using these two because for one the shine spray states that it's Anti-Humidity which means my scalp won't get sweaty which won't make it look oily, and it really works! I use it every time I want to go out now, it gives a nice shine to it without the oiliness, and who wouldn't love that?! For the Hairspray, it's equally good. Like most hairspray's I've used, it still makes my hair feel hard when sprayed upon, but give it a brush through afterwards and it's totally fine. Your hair will stay in place for a good few hours, not all day but a few hours which is fine for me. Although I can't promise that it will work in the horrible wind that we've been having recently.

All in all, I am going to be repurchasing this product. Whether I have to buy the whole set of it or if I can find just the shampoo & conditioner. I love every product inside and I don't think I'm ever going to look back! Unless of course they discontinue it, which I hope not! For those who aren't brunette and in fact have the blonde locks, you can also buy the 'Glam Blonde mini gift set' from boots for £5!