Saturday, 11 January 2014

Lynx Attract For her Body Spray & Shower Gel Duo Review

Review: Lynx Attract For Her Body Spray & Shower Gel

Lynx for her gift set
So for Christmas recently my sister brought me a lovely little gift set, and I was quite excited when I ripped open the wrapping paper to find the Lynx Attract For Her Body Spray and Shower gel. Ever since this came out back in January 2012 I have been meaning to try it, but I don't have the best memory in the world and so I never got round to it. But this just made my Christmas day even better! I'm sure everyone knows how popular this brand of deodorant is among men, so I was eager to find out whether it was a big hit for women too. This year Lynx will be officially 30 years old! I think it's obvious by the picture above that the can/bottle is the same shape as the men's. Which I like. Think of it this way, if you put the women's next to the men's version, it's kind of like boyfriend & girlfriend isn't it? Haha Well that's what I think anyway! 

Attract for her Body Spray 150ml 
The body spray can is very girly looking. The white and the pink colours make the whole thing come together in my opinion. For those who have men in their life, I'm sure you know how these things work and how you can actually get the spray out of the bottle. Unlike perfume's, you twist the lid on this and out pops a spray presser thingy, so basically like a normal deodorant but with a twist ;)  It's the same size as the usual men's deodorant but is the smell the same? Of course not! Although, I'm a huge fan of the men's Lynx and would often wear it given the chance, I think this is different and I think it's good. It's still got the Lynx smell that all the can's have, if you get me? But it's got it's own girly touch to it. It says on the box that it's a fragrance so irresistible it will unleash attraction chaos. Hmm, I'm not sure on that one as I haven't experienced my boyfriend jumping all over me yet. Nor any man actually. But it's still a really nice smell. The scent has been described by many people as Fruity yet with a floral wood scent to it. 

I highly agree that this does in fact combine a mixture of fruity and floral scents. I apply this daily every morning before I get dressed, and I'll have to admit for a change that the smell does actually last throughout the day which is always a bonus! 

Attract for her shower gel 250ml 
The shower gel is rather nice, it's definitely something different. As much as I enjoy the smell of my man's shower gel, I think I'd much rather use this. It still has the same smell as the spray; fruity and floral with a hint of musk/wood. The bottle is different to the can, which I'm not a fan of. Although it still has the pink colour over it, I think it would of looked better with a white background to match the can. It looks more like a mix and match rather than a match. It's very easy to use, just press in the lid like most shower gel's. It's clear when it comes out, not sticky and the fragrance is quite strong. I can't say that I'll be using this all the time, but every so often when I need a bit of kick then I'll definitely grab for this. 

All in all, it's very good and I will be repurchasing the spray. Probably not the shower gel though. 
You can buy this set or them separately at most stores throughout the UK. Not sure if you can buy it outside of the UK, you'll have to do some research and find out! The duo set is around £6 in Superdrug and just for the spray it's £3.29.